Moving during pregnancy

Sometimes you really do not get out of it: you have to moving during pregnancy. Now that is not very ideal, but it is certainly not impossible. Since you are limited as a pregnant woman, it may be useful to outsource the move to movers or friends. Especially if you are already in your third trimester. Are you still early in the pregnancy then you can move yourself. Yet you should always be more cautious. Read our practical tips for moving during pregnancy and pay attention to the things you should not do.

What does and does not do when moving?

Moving during pregnancy is by far ideal, but that does not mean that it has to be a real disaster. The most important thing is that you listen to your body. In addition, you better not:

  • Lifting heavy things. Especially from the second trimester you better not lift heavy things above 10 kilos. Your body has enough to endure because of your pregnancy. So please leave it to someone else!
  • Clean with plenty of bleach, turpentine, ammonia or other aggressive agents with chemical and hazardous substances. The vapors from these cleaning products are not good for your baby.
  • Paint if you are pregnant with turpentine based paint, sand old paint layers, wallpaper or varnish
  • Strets: Stress is really not good for your baby. It may seem impossible, but really try to avoid stress. Take plenty of rest and settle down regularly without any pressure.

What can you do when moving during pregnancy?

Well you can do this all:

  • Pack boxes. Little tip: make sure that the boxes you are going to load with stuff are not in the way. Otherwise you still have to put them aside. Put immediately on the boxes what is inside.
  • Taking care of food and drinks for the others. That is really going to be appreciated!
  • Planning and delegating so that everyone knows what he or she has to do and where all things have to go. Also make a list of priorities. What should be done first?
  • Tip: make sure the baby room and your bedroom are the first spic and span!

  • Shopping: Do not forget the importance of the styling if you are moving during pregnancy! You may not be able to lug, but on the road for nice accessories, the right color of paint, curtains, tiles, stuff for the baby room, carpets and furniture. Of course you leave the lifting to the friendly people in the store.
  • Controlling Baby Outlet: Whatever you can do is collect the baby's birth list items. Believe me: that's what you're doing. Especially if you do not want to buy everything new you can enjoy a few hours of internet browsing for nice offers or looking at marketplace for good used stuff. Do not forget your friends, maybe they have some stuff.
  • Styling: If the heavy work has been done, it still needs to be set up. Make sure you already know where you want everything so that the porters only have to put it in the right place. Are the furniture? Then you can organize and style everything!

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Moving practical issues such as the midwife

Another very important task that you can perform if you are moving during pregnancy is to arrange the practical matters. If you move to another city or district, you have to arrange more.
First you have to pass the address changes to agencies and friends. In addition, you probably have to conclude new energy contracts and TV contracts and you also do not forget to register with the municipality.

For you and your baby you still have to arrange the following: midwife, general practitioner (inform them that you are pregnant), maternity care and registration at nursery or childcare.

Moving out of high pregnancy

If you still have to move during pregnancy, move in your second trimester. Then you are relieved of the unpleasant pregnancy ailments of your first trimester and your belly is not so big that it gets in the way.

Unfortunately, you can not always plan a move. If you move in your third trimester if you are heavily pregnant then you have to be extra careful. How fit you feel yourself: it is really going to disappoint you. That way you will get tired faster and your body will be overloaded. You and the baby are in first place. Then the move!

A few important moving tips when moving when you are pregnant:

  • Set priorities. Sometimes, due to your nesting urgency, you may have a strong need to immediately clean and arrange everything, but that is not wise. Therefore set priorities. Make sure the baby room is ready, the baby clothes are washed and in the cupboard, the flight case is ready and the cradle and the chest of drawers are ready for use.
  • Do not expect too much from yourself. Take the time to plan and make sure there is enough time for everything.
  • Are you pregnant: make major renovations later such as a new kitchen or bathroom.
  • First clean up all the stuff from your old house and throw away everything you no longer need. If you have a baby later, lots of stuff will be added.
  • Consider the layout of your new house in advance and plan how you can tackle this. There is no time to waste.
  • Take your rest and make sure you do not get stressed. Talk about this with your partner so that he or she can look after you.

Moving right before delivery

Are you going to move just before giving birth pay close attention to your body and try to avoid stress as much as possible. The closer you are to the due date, the more rest you have to take.Let other people lug and do jobs.

Make sure that the bedroom is in order. Also think of bobbins to raise your bed, maternity bandage and other things you need in your maternity period.
Do you want to give birth at home? Maybe that's not a good idea if you are going to move right before your birth. But if you insist: Arrange everything in time for home birth. Also think of your flight case.

What really needs to be done is the baby room. That it is dust-free and also free of fresh paint air, etc. It is important that the crib or cot is there and the chest of drawers. Also make sure that there are already a large load of clothes in the closet and that you have enough diapers and cloths in the house.

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Request a change request

If you really want to deal with it properly, you spend as much of the move as possible. For example to friends or family. The disadvantage is that you start feeling guilty because you can not help.

So it can sometimes be better if you enable a removal company. Moving is their job and they do it quickly and professionally. In your area there are probably several moving companies that are happy to help you. Because the prices can vary, it is wise to request different offers so that you do not pay too much.

It is often thought that moving with a moving company is expensive and a waste of money. But think about how relaxed it is when you just have to say, you can put that cupboard there and that table goes there. Especially when you are pregnant you save a lot of stress and hassle. And maybe you have the luck that you have sold your old house with profit and then the moving company does not weigh up against the convenience!

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