Why the first trimester is the most difficult

Maybe it is risky to say that I think it is first trimester the most difficult is. I am now in my second trimester and have not even had my third trimester. Still, I think the third trimester is less difficult than the first. I see the third trimester a bit as 'the last mile'. They will probably be heavy, but the finish is in sight. That is not the case in your first trimester.

And while you are feeling sick above the toilet, trying to keep your eyes open while working and feeling your breasts as if they are going to burst, you realize again and again: I am only at the beginning of the pregnancy.

The starting shot has only just sounded and you already have the feeling that you will not make it to the finish. That's how that first trimester felt for me. How was that for you?

Long live the hCG hormone

That hCG hormone ... That incredibly important, but oh so annoying hCG hormone, is the source of the beginning life in your womb, but also of those unpleasant pregnancy ailments that are characteristic of the first trimester. Think of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headache, weaker bladder, dizziness and mood swings.

From the moment we are pregnant, we start to make more and more of the hCG hormone. Despite the fact that it does not make us feel so nice, we really need it. The hCG hormone ensures that the production of new eggs is stopped, that your body does not reject the fruit, your baby will grow and is protected.

Ailments in my first trimester

I was very lucky, I realize that. I did not surrender once during my first trimester. I think that is a big victory. It really seems terrible to me if you hang above the toilet all day. Or you are constantly afraid that you must start vomiting spontaneously. Terrible.

I was often sick especially if I was hungry, or had eaten too much fat. Sometimes it was pretty intense and I had to take a rest to lower it. Very annoying. In addition, I was so incredibly tired. Tired and no energy. Sometimes I really had to drag myself through the day and wondered how I could work all day long. Because I had little energy, I was as fit as a dishcloth and the sport did not go well. Maybe I thought that was the most annoying: feeling yourself so tired and lifeless.

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A big secret

Another reason why I did not like the first trimester was because I could not tell anyone that I am pregnant. Yes it was possible, but we chose to share the good news only with the parents and sisters. I found this secret to be a nuisance.

You want to shout something from the roofs, but it is not allowed yet. And that did not make me feel so pregnant. Or thought I should not feel like that yet.

Nothing to see

I really could not wait until a pregnancy belly was visible. I really felt that you were really pregnant then. But in the first trimester there is still nothing to see, except for a stuffed belly and breasts that grow bigger by the day.

Uncertainty in the first quarter

The most debilitating and annoying of the first trimester? The uncertainty. The tension. The feeling that you have to wait and see. Every week is a week. Every week the chance of a miscarriage is a little smaller.

I felt the greatest tension at the first ultrasound. I could whine. But even when I heard that everything was fine, the tension remained. Because even after 8 weeks a lot can happen. So it was waiting again. I was overwhelmed again by tension and uncertainty. Up to the 12 weeks ultrasound. And when everything was fine at that moment, it did not take off. But then your first trimester is almost over.

It starts from your second trimester

My best friend said to me quite rightly: "You always feel that you are really pregnant when you walk around with a horn. But you are just as pregnant in the first week of your pregnancy as in the 30th week '. And she's right about that. Yet I had that feeling. When I arrived in my second trimester I thought that everything would start now.

But then I did not realize that the pregnancy belly will only be visible around the 18th week. So I thought that everything would only start around the 18th week.

Now I am 19 weeks pregnant and I am still waiting for the moment that it all really starts.

Stupid actually, because I'm really pregnant. I'm sure. But I do not see a lot of bizarre yet and I do not feel my girl yet. Apparently I need that to really make me feel pregnant.

Fortunately, that moment is getting closer and everything is really going to happen in the second quarter. According to my mother, I have to cherish this trimester and enjoy it optimally. Because from the third trimester the annoying ailments return. But then you are almost there. And that is a bit different than in the first trimester, then you still have a long way to go.
For the women who are now in the first trimester: keep yourself tough!

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