Bloating during pregnancy

Pregnant women do not always feel equally sexy, usually because of that annoying bloating during pregnancy. Therefore you feel yourself a clumsy elephant, uncomfortable and to. Do you also suffer from this? Read here what the causes are of the bloating during pregnancy and what you can do to make yourself feel better in your own skin.

Bloated feeling at the beginning of pregnancy

Many women already suffer from bloating at the beginning of pregnancy. Presumably this causes the pregnancy hormones hCG and progesterone. The hCG hormone is the hormone that you produce when your egg is fertilized and is implanted. Your body will immediately run overtime and every day you have more hCG in your blood. The hormone ensures that the fertilized egg can develop. Very important! Unfortunately, it also causes bloating during pregnancy.

Causes bloating during pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses you will often experience a bloating feeling. This has various causes. For example, it may be because you retain more fluid during pregnancy. Because you retain more fluid during pregnancy, you often feel bloated and sometimes your body also literally 'bloated' out. Think of convex cheeks, thick feet and ankles. Especially in the third trimester you can suffer from this.

If you are pregnant, you make the hormone progesterone. This hormone ensures, among other things, that your muscles relax more. This will weaken your intestines and slow them down. The result is that you are less often stool and suffer from constipation, flatulence and a swollen belly. Those full intestines also cause that annoying bloating during pregnancy.

And last but not least, we must not forget the impact of your growing uterus. Your uterus goes from a pear format to the watermelon format. Your baby also grows from the size of a sesame seed to the size of a pumpkin. And that's all in your body! Not so strange that you feel bloated yourself. Your growing belly also results in stomach acid, hard bellies and belching.

Bloating during pregnancy tips

Bloating during pregnancy is particularly uncomfortable and you feel 'big or thick'. You are actually a bit in the way. It might be a strange tip, but let it go over you. Usually you feel bigger and thicker than you look. There is no point in balding here all the time, because that is where the bloating does not go. It actually belongs a bit. If you pay attention to your diet and ensure that you continue to eat healthy, you will achieve a lot.

More tips for bloating during pregnancy:

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