Heat pockets in a baby

There are many baby ailments, some are more annoying and dangerous than others. Heat pockets in a baby are fortunately not dangerous but annoying.

How do you recognize warmth bumps in a baby?

Just as with adults, heat bumps in a baby look like small red spots sometimes with a blister. They are most common in the face, neck, buttocks and on the baby's torso.
When babies wear a hat or cap, they often start under the rim of the headgear. Also the groin and armpits are warmer places of the body and often the starting point for heat puffs.

What are the causes of heat bubbles?

Heat pockets in a baby are caused by a baby getting too hot. This usually happens on hot summer days but it can also occur in winter when a baby is dressed too warm.
The sweat glands of the baby are clogged when heat bubbles are formed. The sweat can therefore not go away and thus the baby can not cool properly by sweating.

In addition, the pores of a baby are smaller, so that they become clogged more quickly and can cause sweat for less cooling. When a baby is also dressed too warm or goes outside to the inside and the warm clothes are not done quickly enough, heat stains or bumps regularly occur.

What to do against heat or heat dissipation?

In principle, heat bumps in a baby automatically go away when the baby gets sufficient cooling. Sometimes, however, this can take a while and the heat dissipation will remain longer.

If your baby regularly suffers from heat bumps, you can visit the doctor. The GP can then see if it is indeed heat bumps and whether an ointment is needed to make it go faster.
The GP can also indicate when it is not a heat rash and will investigate what it is.

Heat rash baby sudocrème

In some forums, mothers indicate that you have to put on heat pads in a baby sudocrème. However, this is not recommended by specialists. sudocrème works well with diaper rash and chapped spots but is not made to prevent or treat heat bumps.

Aloe vera gel against heat or heat dissipation in babies

Searching on the internet you will find tips from other mothers against heat bumps in a baby or child. This way you can read that Aloe vera gel can help against heat dissipation. It nourishes, softens and cools the skin. Keeping it in the refrigerator would make it even better if you apply it to the baby's skin. You order it here.

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