Roos writes: Getting it on!

Any couple who want to get pregnant quickly and where it does not happen 'accidentally' or 'suddenly', know what I'm talking about, when I say that the sex becomes a lot less romantic or lustier when it's a 'must'. Although I have to say that it is surprisingly enough with me. Apparently my libido goes up a little when I know that I am going to have a community with a very important goal: a child. In my husband (and I think men in general) that is not the case. As soon as it becomes a 'must' and as soon as the word baby is connected to sex it is a whole lot less exciting at once. Annoying because it is crucial that the man can shoot his gunpowder.

Sense is an afterthought because sex + ovulation = baby

My husband also wants children and it is not that we are busy for a long time. I have been pregnant once, that happened 'suddenly'. Unfortunately, that ended in a miscarriage. Now my womb is nice and clean again and 'ready to go' so Roos is ready to go for it. Because I want a baby, preferably yesterday. And there is only one way (as yet) to get it done: go wide.

The question of whether I feel like sex is not so relevant to me now. I make that sense. Look, normally I am guided by my physical needs. So to say. But this time is 'making sense' side issue. Sex must. Because sex + ovulation = baby. In any case: I hope for that. And my husband, by the way.

Ready for a baby adventure

The moment my fertile days start I do not ask myself whether I feel like it or not. It must, so I make sure I feel like it. It is a bit like sports. I play every morning. Before I exercise, I do not ask myself whether I feel like it or not. I'm just going, because I have to and because I know it's good for me. And when I am busy, I always find it super fun. And that's exactly what sex is like!

So as a kind of drill instructor I dedicate myself to everything for a new baby adventure, while my husband starts to complain that it is 'a lot less fun when it becomes a must'. Or this 'I have to switch over what it is super busy at work'.

The worst thing is that I still hear myself say: 'Do not imagine, go ahead, but then I'll spoil you for a while and if you're almost at that one point you will' m in it and we'll be ready '. So ... I must honestly say: never thought that such words would come out of my mouth.

You turn into a sex gun, kind of ...

I never expected that I would be the one who would make those bad jokes. From those silly jokes that actually only build construction workers to each other when a beautiful woman comes along or when they are sitting together to brag with strong stories. So I said last when my husband asked if he should water the plants 'Give me water later, but with a different watering can ...'. Terrible.

A few days ago, I was still running my ass in the living room and I gave a (rather uncomfortable) lap dance. The goal was to get my husband in the mood, but he was laughing at me before. But if the tip comes down, or rather the pole at the tip, my husband will perform. As befits a real guy (he likes it that I put this in). Fortunately, we do not have to use other methods to get things going.

I am very curious how this goes with other couples. Because I am 100% sure that there are several couples who do not always like sex, but still do it because they want a child. You too?

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