Babies and dogs go very well together!

Babies and pets often go together very well. Babies and dogs in particular can get along well with each other. Regardless of the breed, it is as if the dog feels that there is something special about this mini person.
How often do you hear the funny stories or do you see the most special photos and videos of a dog with a baby passing by.

Baby and dog inseparable!

So the video below is such a special video of a baby with two dogs, big dogs. The video has been posted on Facebook by "The Dodo" and has now been viewed almost 42 million times. Affordable images of two dogs and their love for a baby. Watch and enjoy!

Babies and dogs get used to each other

If your baby is just born, it is important to involve the dog immediately. You want to prevent the dog from being jealous. Dog and baby go well together, because often dogs feel good about what kind of a special mini man is actually.

The dog has to get used to the new situation and to prevent unwanted behavior you must always be around so you can intervene if something happens. Especially when the baby is already a little bigger, it is still careful, even in small dogs. You know exactly what the character is of your dog and you can judge for yourself what you should and should not do with babies and dogs.
Always be careful and do not let your toddler hug the dog, hang on him or pull his tail or ears.

Dog proposing to baby video

Now that we are talking about movies, how about these in which a husky and a newborn baby are presented to each other. Maybe you've seen this movie recently on the Zo Zwanger Facebook page, but if you missed it? Really too nice! So it is also possible to introduce your dog to baby.

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(Source: Video: The Dodo Picture: Screenshot video. Instagram Frametheweim)

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