Getting pregnant after a miscarriage

A miscarriage, you should not think about that. That is a nightmare! Yet it happens more often than you think. One in ten pregnancies results in a miscarriage. Getting a miscarriage might not be that exciting for an outsider. Oh, that happens more often. But it can be very difficult for you, your partner and your body. Process a miscarriage and again to become pregnant after a miscarriageThat is something else!

Getting pregnant after a miscarriage: Facts and fables

A tenth of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Most of them happen between the fourth and twelfth week. A 'miscarriage 6 weeks' is most common. Read here the chance of a miscarriage.

The earlier in the pregnancy, the greater the chance that you did not notice that you had a miscarriage. It may well be that you only notice when the pregnancy symptoms stop. A miscarriage is different for every woman. You may not get anything. Maybe you have severe cramps. After a miscarriage, a bleeding always follows. That's a fact.

Embryo with 6 weeks (Source: National Geographic)

It is a fable that you reduce the chance of a miscarriage if you have already had a miscarriage. There is no calculation for this. It has everything and only to do with your body. The other way around is unfortunately.

The more miscarriages, the greater the chance that something really is going on. The statistics show that the risk of a new miscarriage increases with three miscarriages or more.
But girls: 'If you have had a miscarriage, the chance of a miscarriage is really no bigger than normal'. There is no reason to be afraid. But realize what it does to you and your body!

Pregnant after miscarriage

There is no medical reason why you could not become pregnant immediately after a miscarriage. Getting pregnant after a miscarriage goes fast and hassle-free for some women. However, it takes time for most women. And that makes sense because your body needs to recover. Your menstruation after miscarriage must first start again. Only then can you become pregnant again.

One lasts two weeks, the other five months. I am convinced that you should not want to speed up this process. However, you can try to get it through in the best way possible. Live healthy and use peace and regularity to feel better and stronger. Give yourself the time! You will also see that you really need to process the miscarriage, physically and mentally.

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