Costumes or carnival wear for pregnant women

If, like me, you come from Brabant, you are looking forward to carnival every year. And well, sometimes it can be that carnival just falls during your pregnancy period. Do not go? Of course it is! Not only can you celebrate a sober carnival, you can also look super nice, precisely because you have a round belly. Read here the nice tips for carnival clothes for pregnant women and you will win an award for best designed suit anyway!

Celebrating pregnant carnival

If you are a carnival celebrator in heart and soul you never skip a carnival. If you want to start children, then the chance is pretty likely that the carnival is during your pregnancy. Celebrating Carnival when you are pregnant is easy to do. I also did the past year. It is especially a matter of knowing when to hook up and back out again. I made sure that I was there immediately and at the moment people started to hang against me, I checked out.

For example, I had a great carnival, had a nice chat, but did not suffer from tired people. To feel a little bit like that, I drank alcohol free beer and Radler. Nowadays, these non-alcoholic refreshments are easy to drink.

Costumes or carnival wear for pregnant women

A snappy sister's suit or dressed as a sexy witch may not be there, but that does not mean you have to go on a garbage bag. There is enough clothing for women that is also nice for pregnant women. What I personally like about carnival is that you do not have to look at your most beautiful thing and the clothes do not have to be close enough to your body. Just go for the one size fits all and you will see that they are spacious enough. You can click here for carnival clothing in larger sizes.

Use pregnant belly with carnival

You do not, of course, have to buy special carnival clothes for pregnant women. You can also think of something yourself and use your pregnant belly to complete your look. For example, use it as a 'beer belly' and dress up as a construction worker. Or transform your babybump into a football or basketball and go as a sportswoman. You can also use your baby belly and, for example, take some feet off your shirt on the spot where your baby is sitting. You can do this by making a doll behind your shirt, cutting in some holes and getting ready.

Carnival ideas 2019 for pregnant women

More fun ideas for a carnival outfit for the ladies who are good at DIY (do it yourself):

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