Does my baby not get too cold in bed?

It does not matter whether it is day or night, summer or winter: you always want the best for your baby. If you have just become older, you are faced with a nice challenge: how do you ensure that your baby always has a good time. Often you will ask yourself: 'Does not my baby have it too cold?' On the other hand, of course, you do not want your baby to be too hot. Read here how you can find out if you baby it is not too cold has.

Is not my baby too cold?

'Does not my baby have too cold', is a frequently asked question from new parents. Sometimes you have a tendency to prevent this by packing your baby nicely, but then you get the next problem: your baby is too hot. With all its consequences.

There are several ways to find out if your baby is too cold. This can be done, for example, by measuring the temperature. The temperature of your baby should be between 36.8 and 37.2 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is lower, your baby is too cold. With a newborn baby the temperature is measured several times a day. That is because your little one is not yet able to regulate his or her own temperature. That's why a newborn baby always needs a cap.

Another way to check if your baby is too cold is to feel in the neck. If it feels cold, then you know it's time for an extra layer of clothing or an extra blanket.

Baby feels cold in bed

Is your baby in bed and he or she feels cold, always check the neck. Sometimes the hands or face can feel cold, but your baby just feels warm. The hands are therefore not a good indicator. If you want to know if your baby is not too cold then you can measure the temperature. You then have a clear answer to the question 'does not my baby have too cold.'

Important points to let your baby sleep in such a way that your child is not too hot or too cold:

  • Always choose clothing from natural materials that breathe like silk, cotton or soft wool. These substances retain their own body heat and are also air and moisture permeable.
  • Never choose synthetic fabrics such as polyester, lycra, elastane or fleece. These substances do not let air through and are simply not good for your baby.
  • Do not let your baby sleep under a duvet, but always under blankets or in a sleeping bag.
  • Try to keep the temperature in the baby room between 18 and 16 degrees. Not colder and not warmer.
  • Always work with layers, that is better than a thick blanket or a very thick pajama. More layers ensure that there is more air in the material and that ensures an insulating effect.

If your baby is cold in bed, you can put on an extra layer of clothing, or take an extra blanket. Do not immediately choose a very thick blanket. If your baby is older, your baby will not need a cap in cold weather. In fact, the head must remain uncovered. If your baby gets too hot, he or she can always get rid of the heat through the head.

Baby cold in sleeping bag

You can put your baby under a blanket or in a sleeping bag. You now have seasons sleeping bags, but make sure that the sleeping bag is not too hot. Generally, your baby stays warmer in a sleeping bag.

Is your baby too cold in the sleeping bag? Then put an extra blanket or sheet over your child and put your child in well. You can also dress your baby 2 layers of clothes with sleeves, so the arms stay nice and warm. That is better than having your child sleep in a sleeping bag with sleeves. The sleeves of the sleeping bag prevent your child from moving properly and can also be too hot again.

Always choose an extra blanket or coat of clothing first and do not raise the heat. If you grab a sheet or blanket, make the bed short and put the blanket across your child. That way you can put the blanket under the mattress. You cover your baby, the little chin. Read more about safe sleeping for your baby here.

Tips for a good sleeping bag: The TOG value

If you are looking for a sleeping bag for your baby, you will notice that the TOG value is always discussed. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade, e says something about the warmth of the sleeping bag. The higher the TOG figure, the warmer the sleeping bag. The numbers run from 0 to 4.

Below is a small guideline about which TOG value is suitable for which temperature. Note: every baby is different, so always keep checking: Does my baby not feel too cold or does he feel comfortable?

  • Temperature in the nursery 26+ ° C: no sleeping bag, put on your baby a romper.
  • Temperature in the nursery 24-22 ° C: TOG 0.5 sleeping bag
  • The temperature in the nursery 21-18 ° C: TOG 1 sleeping bag with for example a romper and pajamas
  • Temperature in the baby room 17 to less than 16 ° C: TOG 2 with a romper with long sleeves, pajamas and socks.

Baby too cold consequences

The big reason why we ask ourselves: 'Does not my baby have it too cold' because we are afraid of the consequences. But what are the consequences of cold? Cold is less bad than too hot, that is why it is important to always find the right balance. Never dress your child too hot because you are afraid your child gets cold. Your baby can really get better at first (and of course you have to help him to get to the temperature) than your baby is too hot.

The consequences of your baby being too cold are that your baby can not sleep well and starts to cry. In addition, the body of your child must do his very best to get to temperature. This costs a lot of energy.As a result, less energy is spent on the growth and development of your child, which your baby needs, of course.

When there is hypothermia?

In general, we do not get undercooled very quickly. People are only supercooled when the body temperature falls below 35 ° C. A baby is supercooled when the body temperature falls below 36 ° C. Newborn and young babies, in addition to the elderly and sick people, have a faster chance of being hypothermic because they are not yet able to regulate body temperature. For that reason newborn babies always have to wear a cap.

After 10 days your baby is already a lot better and the cap can be finished. Then measure the temperature several times. If the temperature is too low, put your baby a hat and put a warm jug in the bed (not of rubber, but of aluminum for example). You can also place your baby on the bare skin under a blanket with your bare skin. This skin-to-skin contact is super nice for your baby and warms up your little one.

If the body temperature of your baby is 35 ° C or lower, call the doctor right away! It is possible that the heart of your baby can no longer handle it or that your baby becomes unconscious.

Thermometers to measure the temperature of your baby without stress

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