Things you can do in the third quarter

It is official: I am in my third trimester! 'The last few' is often said. Up to now they do not feel like a lead, but I have only been on the road for 1 week in this last trimester. I still feel good and I have to use that. Are you also in the third trimester and do you still have energy? Then try to do these things in your third trimester before the little one is there.

Do things when this is your first pregnancy

Are you, like me, still 'virgin' when it comes to pregnancies? In other words: is this also your first pregnancy? Then there are quite a few things that you really need to do, before your little baby gets messed up all your life. Because now you can still do a lot of things, which will all become more difficult later on. Are you coming with me?

  1. Go out for dinner as often as possible: I am a fan of eating out, especially with several courses. Now I have to admit that dinners have become a bit less fun now that I can not eat half of the menu and have to leave my wine: it is still a party. Now you can just eat out: do it!
  2. As many spontaneous outings as possible: Spontaneously sit on the terrace because the weather is nice, quickly take the car to the beach or go on a nice tour with the car: all wonderful things to do. Soon you will be able to go out just a few minutes later.
  3. We time to the max: Two people enjoy the time with the two of us, that's really important. Take a look at lots of series and movies, go for a walk, experience exciting adventures in the bedroom and read a lot of cuddly time. Soon it will be different!
  4. In the third trimester, also provide time for your partner and time for yourself!

  5. Me time to the max: Enjoying with two is important, but do not forget me-time. Especially now that you are pregnant you have a great excuse (in fact it is not an excuse, but your full right) to enjoy yourself.

    Take a pedicure, manicure and go to the hairdresser. You will probably not see the hairdresser in the coming months. Read again a good book, watch that movie or series that you have always wanted to see (for example during your leave) and take an extended bath. Delicious!

  6. Enjoy your current routine, the peace and the freedom: do you have a wonderfully experienced life just like me? Well enjoy it for a while, because soon it will no longer be your routine, but your child's. Especially in the first months it is impossible to have breakfast or exercise at the same time.

    Everything is thrown out. Also enjoy the peace around you. Are you home alone? Then realize that it will take a long time before you are back home alone after the birth of your child. What are you going to do (secretly) in this time?

  7. Go on babymoon: Now is the time to go on vacation with your loved one. Go on time! Read some tips for your baby icon here!

Things that all pregnant women can do in third trimester

Even if you have a few other kids to hop around, you can still enjoy certain things in the last trimester before the baby is there. Because a baby is often more intensive than older children.

  • Plan a family outing with your current family: if the baby is there, mom will be busy with the baby and besides, you probably do not have that much energy. So spend some extra time with your current family now.
  • Try to sleep well
  • Bring the children here and there: so you can recharge yourself and maybe plan a nice date with your partner.
  • Plan an evening with your friends / girlfriends: your partner can best watch the kids once? Yes? Then plan a nice evening or a day with your friends. Do this especially in the beginning of your third trimester, then you still have the most energy.

If the baby room is not finished in the third trimester, get started soon!

  • Complete the children's room: This is one of those super fun things to do (at least I think): being busy with the nursery! I have been roaming around the Internet for many hours to get some nice inspiration and (of course) to buy stuff. This is an activity that you can do throughout the third trimester, because you do not even have to leave the door!
  • Order relaxed clothes for after pregnancy: Do you still have good food clothing? Or do you have enough relaxed clothes for after birth? Maybe you can order some extra sets of clothes now.

    Keep in mind that your clothes often do not last longer than a day if you have a baby. So expensive outfits do not have to be. Especially comfortable! And for the ladies who are breastfeeding: care for food clothing!

  • Make a nice picture of your belly: You may not feel very beautiful, but every pregnant woman is beautiful. You are actually working on a miracle! A beautiful photo of your belly may not be missing. Do you want to tackle it well? Visit a photographer.
  • Cook some meals already: If your partner is not such a kitchen prince (es) then it is wise to cook some meals yourself, after your birth you do not feel like it anymore and the maternity care is usually too busy with other tasks.

Do you have any nice tips for things I can do during my third trimester? Let me know! Also check out this checklist with things you still need to arrange during pregnancy.

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