Relax completely in a luxurious Baby Spa

Are you also a fan of a day of wellness? Often you return to a Spa completely reborn and relaxed after a day in a Spa. You can now also let your baby enjoy this ultimate relaxed feeling! In a baby spa your child can relax completely and secretly yourself too!

Warm baths especially for newborn babies

In the baby spa special baths have been made for newborn babies. This means no chlorine or other chemicals, but delicious clean water with a nice warm temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. Result: a happy, tripping baby who will sleep like a baby after the bath. Your baby gets a swim diaper and a float around the head. You yourself can smile and cheer your baby on the side. Since you did not give birth very long ago, you can save yourself the inconvenience of a bathing suit.

(Source: Perth)

Benefits of Wellness for babies

Besides the fact that your baby loves to bob around in warm water, a baby spa can bring even more benefits:

  • promoting the muscle development of your baby;
  • good for the sleep rhythm;
  • better breathing;
  • good for the contact between the mother and the baby.

How does it work in a baby spa?

In Houston is the baby spa "Float babies" where mother and baby can go for water therapy and massages. Do you want to know how it goes during such a morning wellness? Watch the video below.

Would you also like to enjoy a baby with your baby in the morning or afternoon, but Houston is just too far for you. No worries because there is a baby spa closer to home.

Baby spa not yet in the Netherlands

Unfortunately there is no baby spa in the Netherlands yet. You can take a trip to Belgium for this pure baby enjoyment. In Antwerp Chiara from Hirtum opened her first Baby Spa by Precho. When she had just given birth to her baby, she wanted to swim with her baby because she herself had been a contest swimmer. After she discovered that there was no possibility for newborn babies, she took matters into her own hands.

Her Baby Spa by Precho has become extremely popular in the meantime. Not only in Belgium have they discovered the benefits of a wellness for babies. In Asia it has been a phenomenon for some time and it seems that Europe is also increasingly open to it. So it remains to be seen until you can let your baby relax in the Netherlands, but in the meantime you can go to Belgium.

Who is the Baby Spa by Precho and what are the costs?

Would you like to try it in Belgium? For 65 euros you can also get your baby used to water to stimulate motor skills with the help of a buoyancy belt. The session is always followed by a delicious baby massage. In addition to the hydrotherapy, your baby will also receive a baby massage. This session lasts about 45 minutes together.

Your baby may be completely cured in the Jacuzzi if his or her shirt is completely healed. That is about 10 days after the birth. In the first half year your baby is more than welcome, but after these 6 months it stops. The Baby Spa by Precho is really only for newborn babies. Research has shown that babies up to 6 months actually do not exercise enough and a day of wellness can help. From 6 months onwards, babies can often roll and crawl independently, so there is less need.

The aim of a wellness day is to help the smallest with stimulating their motor development, muscle development and lung development. But also to promote skin contact with the parents during the baby massage.


Baby Spa by Precho
Diksmuidelaan 28
2600 Antwerp

Phone: + 32 (0) 474 / 450.010

Baby Spa at your home

Do not want to spend 65 euros? Then create your own spa at home. At you can the swim disc order that are ideal to teach your baby to swim. Furthermore, it is a question of a nice warm bath and ready! But you will of course miss the atmosphere of a Baby Spa and the explanation of how you can best give a baby massage.

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