2 weeks pregnant

Even in the second week of your pregnancy you are not pregnant, just like in the first week, but that moment is getting closer. When you 2 weeks pregnant your egg will ripen further until it is as big as a cherry and ovulation takes place.
If you have sex during that period, your egg will be fertilized at the end of this second week. How this fertilization takes place can be read in this blog.

The seeds to the egg

Every man makes millions of sperm cells every day. These cells take about 2 months to mature. A sperm cell is ripe when it has developed a head, middle section and a tail. A sperm cell lives for about 48 hours. When ejaculation takes place, as many as two hundred million sperm cells are shot in the uterus.

Then there is a real race between the millions of sperm cells where they try to rush to the uterus and then to the fallopian tubes. After this, they wait until ovulation takes place.

When the body of a woman is preparing for pregnancy, it causes the cervix to dilate and become softer. In addition, the uterus is less acidic so that the sperm cells can get through better.

2 weeks pregnant: ovulation

If the egg or actually the follicle is ripe, it has the size of a cherry. At that moment the eggs are so big that they could be seen with the naked eye. The egg then leaves the fallopian tube and makes its way to the womb. Eggs can not move themselves. By means of wave movements caused by cilia within the egg, it can be pushed in the right direction.

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2 weeks pregnant: The fertilization

Women have 2 fallopian tubes that are at the uterus on both sides. With every cycle you only have one ovulation, so only on one side. When the ejaculation has taken place and the sperm do their best to reach the egg, millions of seeds go in the wrong direction. These will die off. Of the seeds that are going in the right direction will also die a lot on the way because they are not fast enough or too weak.

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Only a few hundred actually reach the egg. The battle is not yet fought because the sperm cell still has to try to penetrate the egg cell. Only 1 sperm cell is the lucky one and can come with its head in the egg cell. The tail breaks off. The egg cell immediately closes again so that multiple sperm cells can not enter.
Do you want to see how fertilization works? Watch this beautiful animation video of the fertilization of an egg cell

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Will it be a boy or girl?

If you are 2 weeks pregnant, the sex of your child is determined immediately. Sperm cells have X chromosomes or Y chromosomes.
X stands for girl, Y stands for boy. Sperm cells with a Y chromosome can swim the fastest. If you have sex around or shortly after ovulation, chances are you will get a boy. In this article you will read more about how you increase the chance of a girl or boy.

Sperm cells with X chromosomes are perhaps slower than the sperm cells with Y chromosomes, they are larger and stronger and can therefore live longer. Do you have sex a few days before ovulation (ovulation), then chances are you get a girl. These sperm cells can wait longer until ovulation takes place before they die off.

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