Stretch stretch marks or stretch marks

Maternity belts or stretch marks is an unpleasant side effect of pregnancy for many women. It usually occurs towards the end of pregnancy and can be recognized by purple, blue or red lines on your skin. The biggest disadvantage of stretch marks is that it never completely disappears. However, it will become less visible after a while. The lines then color ivory white. In this blog you will find answers to frequently asked questions and 4 tips to reduce stretch marks.

Cause of stretch marks or stretch marks

Maternity wraps arise because your skin and your subcutaneous connective tissue, in a short time, stretches considerably through your pregnant belly. Stretch marks are therefore caused by your growing belly, but you may also develop stretch marks or striae for another reason.

Also in these cases it has to do with the fact that your skin stretches considerably in a short period of time. This can happen when, for example, you gain a lot of weight, you have a growth spurt, you have had a breast enlargement or when you are fanatic in strength sports.
In the latter case it means that you quickly increase in mass and you need more skin. Striae can not only occur on your stomach because of these causes, but also on your breasts, buttocks, upper legs and upper arms.

Maternity wraps when and who can receive them?

In principle, every woman can get stretch marks, but it seems that some women have a better chance of this because of genetic predisposition. You also have a greater chance if you are overweight or if you are still young. Your skin is then tighter and therefore less elastic.

Can you prevent stretch marks?

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you, at present there are no proven methods that help to prevent stretch marks. Some women have an accident and still get stretch marks while other women have not received any stretch marks despite not having a single ointment. Yet you can always try to do something to minimize the chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

4 Tips to reduce stretch marks

  1. Lubricate

    Try to keep your skin supple and at the same time stimulate collagen production by applying a cream to your stomach. There are lots of creams for sale that might help. For example, Bepanthen Maternity belts, Bio oil, Sabon buttercreme and Weleda pregnancy oil.

  2. Healthy food

    A healthy diet keeps the skin smoother, which may reduce the risk of striae. Therefore drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day and eat at least 2 pieces of fruit and 250 grams of vegetables daily.

  3. Change showers

    By taking changing showers (switching between hot and cold) you stimulate blood circulation which may help. Make sure you do not take a too hot shower.

  4. Vitamin E

    There are women who claim that vitamin E can really help against stretch marks or stretch marks. Vitamin E contributes to a good blood supply and this is good for the health of your skin. You can use vitamin E as a cream or take capsules.

Remove pregnancy straps?

As said before: preventing stretch marks can be a difficult task that may not work. Another possibility would be to have it removed after the pregnancy in case you can not really look at it.
There are various laser treatments or LED technologies that try to tackle stretch marks. Maybe these treatments can slightly reduce the lines, but it is not known if everything actually disappears.
If you want to try this you can contact a dermatologist.

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