Week 8 and 9: the holidays and light blood loss

Week 8 and 9 have arrived. In week 8 the holidays started that I experienced for the first time and that is definitely different. In week 9 the fatigue got worse and I had some blood loss in one go. What is that?

Week 8: Pregnant holidays

The holidays are different when you are pregnant. In any case: if you celebrate Christmas with my family. We are all lovers of wine. Christmas is such a nice excuse to open the first bottle at 5:00 pm that my father has chosen with care from his collection. During the dinner the real gems offer, the special wines for 'special occasions'. Like Christmas with the family. Delicious right? Well not if you are pregnant and there is with your alcohol-free wine that secretly can not be compared with the wine that my father pulled open for the rest. 'You really have to taste these', he said enthusiastically. 'This wine is very special, blablabla'.

After the words, I have pulled out 'special'. I could not take it anymore. Yet I must say: soon I put myself over it: this year no wine for Roos and this year I was not allowed to eat anything. But I'm pregnant, that's all worth it. After I had accepted this, I must honestly say that it was best for me: such a Christmas without wine. To be even fairer: I tasted one sip of the wine and it immediately went to my head, which gave me a laugh for 2 minutes. It was clear that drinking wine was not a good idea for me anyway.

Old and new was also very quiet. I did not want to go anywhere because I was very tired. And when I'm tired I do not want to talk to others. With difficulty I kept my eyes open until 0.00 am and at 0.30 am I was already in bed. No worries, my husband was just beside me, he was tired too.

Relaxing because I am pregnant

I spent the days between Christmas and New Year's Eve mostly on the couch and watched a lot of Sex and the City while I was working. So that's what I love to do. Work and in the meantime watch one of my favorite series. Besides that I love it, it helps me for some reason not to fall asleep at my computer, which sometimes happens sometimes when I'm in my office. Yet I can no longer use the holidays and my pregnancy as a delicious excuse to work on the couch. Eventually the 'normal' life starts again and I just have to work full-time. Tired or not tired, pregnant or not: money has to be paid.

Week 9, even more tired

In week 9 my fatigue got worse. It also appears that the hormones are running at full speed from this week to take off again from week 11 or 12. If it's good, then I have to feel a lot better. I got myself from the bank, but working is not optimal at this time.

Do I see blood?

When I went to the toilet this week and wiped, I saw some brown of separation on my toilet paper. I was shocked. What is this ?! The next day I had some blood again with my discharge and this time some clear blood. Now I was really startled and I felt the tears in my eyes. Although I knew that it did not mean much, I was immediately afraid that this was the beginning of a miscarriage. If I thought logically, then I actually knew that it did not mean much. It was very little and it was no longer. I also had no problems with cramps, so it could not be a miscarriage.

Still, I called the midwife. It was unnecessary, but I could not resist. The midwife said what I already thought: now that I am pregnant my cervix is ​​extra blood flow and very vulnerable. By coughing, sneezing sports or community, a blood vessel can jump and you can lose blood. As long as I did not feel any cramps and it did not work anymore, nothing was wrong. So I could breathe in a reassured breath. And since I was even more tired this week and the nausea got worse on some days, I was pretty sure that I was still full of pregnancy.

On to the next weeks and especially look forward to the second trimester because hopefully I feel better.

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