Which pregnancy test is good? Which advice do you recommend?

In the meantime I have already worn out a number of pregnancy tests and I thought: let me write a review about it. To be honest, during my uncertain days of being pregnant or not being pregnant on Google, I searched for reviews about pregnancy tests. I wanted the best pregnancy test have, especially when my first pregnancy tests indicated that I was not pregnant. And that was the case!
Below my findings and answer to the question: Which pregnancy test is good? Incidentally, it is only 3 different tests that I have used, so supplements are MORE THAN WELCOME!

Best pregnancy test

Which pregnancy test is good? Below I have assessed the pregnancy tests and put them in order from good to not so good (or actually bad). The best pregnancy test is a test that I think is easy to use and also provides a reliable, early answer to the question whether you are pregnant or not.

  1. Predictor Early

    Because I did the pregnancy test a little too early, I liked the Predictor Early pregnancy test. You can do this test up to 4 days before the day on which you have to take your period and then the test can indicate with 99% certainty whether you are pregnant or not.

    • hCG sensitivity: According to the company itself, the pregnancy test can measure hCG values ​​of 10mIU / ml and higher. This indicates that it is a very sensitive test.
    • Use: I liked the use of the test. The part on which you have to pee is quite large and immediately changes color so that you know that you are aiming. In addition, you only need to urinate for '5 seconds'. After this you wait for 3 minutes and you know the answer: a second dash or not.
    • I found the disadvantage that they chose a light pink color for the second indent. That is not very visible anyway.

    • Price: Approximately € 11.99 for 1 test. Or € 9 for 2 tests.
  2. Clearblue

    If someone says 'pregnancy test' to me, I immediately think of Clearblue. I always felt that this is the best pregnancy test and the most reliable compared to other brands. So if I had to do a test, I always bought it. They are reliable in themselves, but I do not think that these tests stand head and shoulders above the others. In any case not the 'normal' Clearblue because this version also works with dashes.
    Perhaps the digital test of Clearblue is many times finer. But I found that too expensive and I have not included in my research which pregnancy test is good.

    • hCG sensitivity: The normal Clearblue has an hCG sensitivity of 25 mIU / ml. This test is therefore not very suitable for early use. So you really have to wait until the day that you have to be on your period./li>
    • Use: I find this Clearblue test similar to the Predictor in terms of use. The strip on which you have to 'aim' has a nice size and changes color when you 'hit'. You have to pee on the strip for 5 seconds. Then wait for 3 minutes. If you see a plus you are pregnant.
    • Price: Approximately € 15, - for 2 pieces

    • What I think is stupid is that they advertise on the package that you have a result within 1 minute, while the instructions state that you have to wait 3 minutes until you see the results. I can not stand that badly.

  3. Test-Point. Pregnant early

    This was a cheap test that I bought at the Etos. On the white packaging with blue stripe on the right is only 'test pregnant early'. Actually it does not matter, because I really did not like this pregnancy test!

    • hCG sensitivity: According to Test-point, the hCG sensitivity is 12 mIU / ml. So it is very sensitive.
    • Use: And now the use. That is really not nice at all. Even so annoying that I did not even succeed in this test, I did not even get to see a check mark. It already starts with the fact that you have to pee on a small (TO SMALL) strip for 10 seconds (!!!). Ten seconds is quite long, so you just have to wait with peeing until you have drunk a liter of water and really bad! And if you start peeing then you also have to aim well because the strip is very small and you can not urinate beyond the arrow mark. Almost impossible.
      Another option is to collect your urine and dip the stick in it. I had done both. So an attempt to pee over the strip and in addition I have also taken care of it and put that thing in it. But I did not get a result. Then the test may be cheaper, if it does not, you have really thrown away your money.
    • Price: Approximately € 9, -

Which pregnancy test is good? The best pregnancy test is the Predictor Early!

Which pregnancy tests are even better?

When I went Googelen to good pregnancy tests I read at various forums that the tests of the Kruidvat and Trekpleister are very good and sensitive. I have looked this up and the tests are indeed hCG sensitive, they measure around 10 mIU / ml (some even claim 8 mIU / ml).
Another advantage of these tests is of course the price. The pregnancy test of the Etos does not make it any better. The ordinary test has one hCG sensitivity of 50 mIU / ml.

I do not know how these tests are in use. But if you have more information about this or have experience with other tests, I'd love to hear that! So we can all determine which pregnancy test is good to find the best pregnancy test!

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