Feeding schedule to prevent constipation

One of the things that I was a little afraid of was constipation. I find it horribly annoying when I can not go to the bathroom regularly. That bloated and uncomfortable feeling is simply not nice. Certainly not if you already feel bloated and uncomfortable by the pregnancy. To to prevent constipation, I have implemented a number of measures in my diet and until now it works very well!

Constipation during pregnancy

Constipation means that you have trouble with defecating. Usually constipation during pregnancy occurs most in the first and last trimesters.

In the first trimester it is caused by the changing hormones in your body. In the third trimester you may suffer from constipation because your intestines get into oppression because of your growing uterus.
There are several tips to prevent constipation, but how can you really process that in your daily life?

This way I prevent constipation

I regularly give people tips to prevent constipation, but how can you use these tips in your daily life? In this blog I give you insight into my diet and hopefully you have something to do with this!

General tips against constipation

The general tips against constipation are:

  • Eat a lot of fiber!
  • Drink enough fluid.
  • Keep moving.
  • Spread your food throughout the day.
  • Do not eat too much fat.
  • Do not eat too much white bread or white pasta.
  • Always go to the bathroom if you have pressure.
  • Try to avoid stress.

Chicken with stir-fried vegetables, curry cream sauce and coriander

Feeding schedule to prevent constipation

Below my nutrition plan against constipation!

  • Pre workout:

    A slice of muesli bread. 1 glass of water (which I always drink straight away) and a cup of black tea. 1 Yakult. After this breakfast I will always work 30 to 50 minutes. After exercising I eat ½ banana and then I take a shower and dress up.

  • Breakfast:

    Bowl of oatmeal (40-50 gr) with some soy milk, small tablespoon of peanut butter (100% natural peanut butter), sweetener, cinnamon, kiwi and soya yoghurt (I do that on the oatmeal). I drink a big cup of fresh ginger tea here.

  • Oatmeal nuts breakfast from the oven

  • Inbetween:

    Cup of coffee with whipped soy milk (so delicious!) And a glass of water

  • Lunch:

    Tray of raw vegetables or short-cooked vegetables, 2 whole-wheat slices or spelled couscous (then I make a salad), tuna / chicken / boiled egg, ¼ avocado, some pumpkin seeds and some spices for taste. I drink a cup of rooibos tea here

  • Inbetween:

    Orange with low-fat cottage cheese and 1 tablespoon muesli. I drink a cup of rooibos tea here.

  • Supper:

    Always around 100 grams of chicken / fish or meat substitute with 150 grams of cooked whole-wheat paste / brown rice or spelled couscous or I eat a small tin of legumes such as kidney beans or black beans. I eat between 300 to 400 grams of vegetables (yes that's a lot). I taste everything with lots of herbs in combination with Philadelphia / curd / tomato paste / soy sauce / soy sauce. I always drink a glass of water here.

  • After dinner I drink a cup of decaffeinated coffee and later a cup of chamomile tea. As an extra, I can give myself a small chocolate bar every night.
  • In between: 1 orange with a dish of low-fat curd cheese.

Green beans with couscous, smoked chicken and avocado

Fibers are the key

As you can see from my example feeding schedule, I eat a lot of fiber with every meal. Fibers are extremely important for healthy intestines. Fibers are found in vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grain, spelled or oat products. In addition, enough drinking throughout the day is also extremely important.

Do you know that you drink too little, try to really make a difference here. Take a half liter bottle to the office and put an alarm clock around 12.00 and 15.00 to refill your bottle (you must first drink it of course). When you are at home you can do the same or put a 1.5 liter bottle on the counter and strive to fully drink it at the end of the day.

Do you have any tips for eating more fiber and drinking more?
Do you have questions? Then of course you can always ask them!

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