8 weeks pregnant

Your baby is already 2 inches tall at the moment you 8 weeks pregnant are. This is roughly comparable to a blueberry. This week the sexual organs are formed and are already visible. A start is also made with the skeleton and eyes. Your baby can start moving considerably from this week on, but (unfortunately) you still do not feel anything like this. Did you suffer from morning sickness in the previous weeks? Then brace yourself as this can further worsen this week.

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Developments of your baby after 8 weeks pregnant

The sex of your baby has already been established during conception, but the genital organs are only used when you are 8 weeks pregnant. The testes now arise in young boys. If it is a girl, the ovaries will start in this week.

The start of the skeleton is created like the bones and joints. Your baby does not have a real bone, but only cartilage. Gradually, the phalanges of the fingers are also created. The fingers are not yet separate from each other but are connected to a membrane (similar to swimming membranes). Your baby already has eyes. The eyes have to be further developed, so your baby does not have iris and no eyelids. Your child can not see anything yet.

Your baby's organs are almost completely developed and the brain is starting to work now. Also the heart starts in this week with circulating blood.

Pregnancy acne at 8 weeks of pregnancy

Maybe you already had some problems in week seven, but week eight is known for many women getting pregnancy acne. This is caused by the pregnancy hormones. These hormones ensure that your skin produces more oil and is therefore fatter.

Pants are tighter

Your baby is only 2 centimeters in size, but your uterus has grown considerably in the meantime. Your intestines can also set up in this week. If you have trouble closing the top button of your pants, it is very normal! This does not mean that you have arrived, but comes through your growing uterus and swollen intestines.

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Visit midwife

It is always possible to make an appointment with your midwife in the preceding weeks. But when you are 8 weeks pregnant it is usually standard that you are in this week or in the period between 10the and 12the week goes on an official check for the first time.
Anyway already a little ahead. You can do this by finding out which genetic disorders there are in your family, critically review your diet of the past months and ask yourself how your health is.

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