What is not allowed if you are pregnant? A handy overview

What is not allowed if you are pregnant? That is a whole list. In this blog we have put everything together. That way you know what you can not eat, what you should not do and what is right for you.

What is bad during pregnancy?

There is a whole list of food products and more that you should not eat when you are pregnant. But there is a specific reason why you should not use certain products and that is because certain things are very bad for you during pregnancy.

  • Toxoplasmosis parasite in raw meat and cat poo

    Do not eat raw meat, do not change the litter box and make sure you do not come into contact with cat poop. Wash vegetables and fruit well because it may be that cat shit has been on. The reason why you have to do all this or that is done by the toxoplasmosis parasite. This parasite can cause toxoplasmosis. This is not so bad for you, but for your pregnancy and / or baby. In the first months it can possibly cause a miscarriage. In addition, the disease can cause birth defects and premature birth.

  • Listeria bacteria in raw milk from cheese, pâté and fish

    Pre-packaged fish such as smoked salmon, pâtés and cheeses made from raw milk may have the listeria bacteria. The bacteria can work well at lower temperatures, including against the refrigerator. Only when it is heated does he die. That is why fried salmon is allowed. The listeria bacteria can cause a miscarriage or preterm birth in the worst case.

  • Too much vitamin A in liver and organ meats

    Liver or organ meat will probably not be on your menu every day, but it is still good to mention this. Too much vitamin A can be harmful to your unborn baby. There is a lot of vitamin A in liver and organ meat, which is why it is best to avoid it. Also be careful with multivitamins that are not for pregnant women. Vitamin A is also included here and therefore you should not use it.

  • Alcohol in wine and beer

    An open door, but alcohol is also really bad during pregnancy. Read more about the effects of alcohol on your child here.

Can you lift when you are pregnant?

In principle, it is not the case that you are not allowed to lift during pregnancy, provided your doctor has indicated that this is not allowed. Of course you always have to make sure that you lift well from your legs so that you do not get injured. If you have to lift a lot for your work, the national government has the following 'rules for lifting during pregnancy at work'.

  1. From 3 months: Limit manual lifting as much as possible. If you have to lift, make sure that the weight you lift does not exceed 10 kilos. So it is possible, but it is not possible. So let your partner flutter a little more with the hands!
  2. From the 20th week of pregnancy: do not lift more than 10 times a day. The weight you lift may not exceed 5 kilos.
  3. From the 30th week of pregnancy: Do not lift more than 5 times a day. The weight must not exceed 5 kilos.

What is not allowed if you are pregnant list

When we talk about 'what is not allowed during pregnancy', the list of foods is the largest. In short, it is best to avoid everything that is raw. What is not allowed if you are pregnant list with food:

  • Raw meat: tartar, carpaccio, half-cooked steak
  • Raw, dried meats: filet americain, ox sausage, chorizo, raw ham, roast beef, salami, parma ham, tea sausage, peasant sausage, cervelat)
  • Raw eggs or products with raw egg such as homemade (or homemade) mayonnaise, tiramisu. The versions from the supermarket can.
  • Raw or smoked fish (sushi, smoked salmon, trout, raw herring, raw crustaceans and shellfish
  • Predatory fishing: swordfish, tuna (canned tuna is allowed), shark, king mackerel
  • Eel from the rivers (wild eel). Cultivation is allowed
  • Cheese made with raw milk, think of brie. Most cheeses from the supermarket are allowed. If 'made from raw milk' or 'au lait cru' is on the packaging, you may not have it
  • Liver, liver products and organ meats
  • No more than 2 to 3 drops per day
  • Calabash (pimba)
  • Raw sprout vegetables such as bean sprouts (may well if you heat well)
  • Herbal preparations and essential oil of herbs. Minimize the following herbs: aniseed, tarragon, fennel, basil, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, sassafras, dong quai, mace and pepper
  • Drinks: max 1 cup of coffee per day. Daily 1 to 2 glasses of fennel tea, anise tea, licorice tea.

What should you not do if you are pregnant?

We absolutely do not want to point the finger, but the following things you should not do if you are pregnant. You probably already knew most!

  • Drinking alcohol: Even small amounts can affect your baby. So the best thing is to avoid all forms of alcohol. Read more about the effects of alcohol here.
  • Smoking: Smoking is also a 'big no no' during pregnancy. This is largely due to the many harmful substances contained in cigarettes. Which, incidentally, really are not good for you. Read more about smoking during pregnancy here. We also have tips to stop smoking.
  • Drugs: Even a joint is not recommended during pregnancy. In addition to damaging substances coming to your baby, your baby can also become addicted to the drugs and he or she will have to kick off after birth. And that is certainly no fun.
  • Work in extreme cold or heat.
  • Stress: A lot and long-term stress during your pregnancy can have unpleasant effects on your baby. Do you have a daily dose of stress from your work, please discuss with your employer if there are other options.
  • Be careful with chemicals, radiation and risk of infection
  • Medications: If you are pregnant, you will not be able to swallow many medications. So keep it on paracetamol and talk to your doctor first with everything else you swallow. Always tell your doctor or pharmacy if you are pregnant.
  • Changing the cat box

What is not allowed if you are pregnant: Pregnant do's and don'ts

Do: Healthy eating

Healthy eating with lots of vegetables, fruit (always good washing first) whole grains, lean meat, fish, legumes, eggs, dairy.

Do not: Too much food

You do not have to eat for two during your pregnancy. Just healthy food for 1 person. Do not eat too little again, because that is not good for your little one.

Do: eat fatty fish

Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, trout is very healthy for you and good for the development of your baby's brain.

Do not: eat unheated fish and too much fatty fish

Do not eat oily fish more than twice a week and always heat it well.

Do: Move

Even if you did not exercise before the pregnancy, it is always good to get started during pregnancy. Walking, cycling and especially swimming is always possible. Read more about sports during pregnancy here.

Do not: Working in the garden and extreme sports

If you are pregnant it is good to move, but working in the garden is not a good idea. That is because there is a chance that you come into contact with cat feces and that can be infected with a very nasty parasite.
In addition, extreme sports or very intensive sports are not always good if you are already a little further into the pregnancy. So no mountains climbing or skiing above 2500 meters. From 4 months no more riding, skating, contact sports or jogging. After 6 months no strength training with high weights and no more abdominal exercises.

Do: Relax and take a rest

Listen carefully to your body and regularly take your rest. Even if you notice that you have to lie down 10 times a day, do it! Plan also nice days for yourself or with your partner.

Do not: Take the sauna or a sunbed

If you think of relaxation, you may think of a sauna first, but you should not do that. At least not in the first 3 months. Afterwards it is allowed, but then you have to be very careful with the transition from very hot to very cold. Not a plunge pool, but cool down slowly. Do not spend more than 10 minutes in the sauna. In the last month and a half of your pregnancy you should not go to the sauna.

Prohibited during pregnancy

What is not allowed when you are pregnant is never really forbidden. After all, it remains your body. For the health of your baby it is really wise to follow everything. If something goes wrong then you will at least be sure that you did not do anything wrong, because that is not what any mother wants on her conscience.

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