Crawl on a cold floor

Do you have a beautiful tile floor, marble or other natural stone floor at home? That looks great, of course, but you might not have thought about it that your baby will spend many hours on that floor. Of course you can put a rug on it, but the more your baby moves, the harder it gets. Especially when your baby goes after a while crawl on a cold floor. Is that bad for your little one? And are there good ways to solve this. Read the answer here!

Is it uncomfortable crawling on a cold floor?

Probably you do not suffer so much from the cold floor, but that is because you do not lie with your entire body. If your baby starts to move, sit or crawl on the cold floor, there are more points on the body in contact with the floor. That can feel pretty fresh for your little one, especially in the winter. In addition, a stone floor is naturally quite hard. That is why it is wise to find a temporary solution against this cold floor.

It is not bad for your baby to crawl on a cold floor. It was first thought that one can get a bladder infection from a cold floor or that children got sick of it. But that is not the case. You do not get sick of a cold floor, you get sick because you are infected with a virus while your resistance was low. A bladder infection is caused by bacteria and they are no longer present on a cold floor than on a warm floor. A cold floor is therefore not harmful to the health of your baby, at the most a little uncomfortable.

Rugs or carpet for crawling across the floor

If you have a cold floor, it is not necessary to always put your baby in the box. A play mat is an ideal tool to play on the cold floor without the buttocks or the back being too cold. Various playcloths are available.
If your floor is very cold, wear a thicker play mat.

There are playcloths available that are extra thick and sturdy. Like the playcloths that you can buy at boxenland.

You can also put a piece of carpet on the floor or mattresses for example Ikea. It works the same, but it looks slightly less fun than the playcloths for children. But, of course, your child does not see that!

Playing together on the floor

Whatever you can do to make the floor a bit more playful, there are foam tiles on it. These also help against crawling on a cold floor. Foam tiles are tiles that you can make together as a kind of puzzle. So your baby is also immediately protected if he or she falls over. The only problem is that the foam tiles release quickly, so you have to make everything together a few times a day.

A final tip for playing together on the floor and letting your baby crawl on a cold floor: put your baby in a tights or a romper with pipes under a pair of pants. So your baby has double protection and the legs stay warm on the cold floor.

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Isolate the cold floors with subsidy

Letting your baby crawl on a cold floor is not ideal. But in addition, a cold floor is not really energy-efficient.

Do you also want a pleasant floor in your home?

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Why not beat two birds with one stone? For example, insulate your floor so that your little one has a warmer surface and you save energy. Did you know that you receive a subsidy from the government if you insulate your floors?

What you may be entitled to if you are going to insulate the floors:

  • You only pay 6% VAT on the wages for insulation.
  • With the VvE you can get back 20% of the costs of floor insulation. Take a good look at the conditions.
  • Your municipality may still have various subsidies

View more schemes for insulation and renewable energy for your home here.

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