Pregnant with twins

Are you pregnant with twins? Congratulations! Are you super happy or do you think it's very exciting? Maybe you need to recover from the news, but it will be great. Being pregnant with twins is slightly heavier (literally) than being pregnant with 1 baby. But hey: many women have gone before you, so you will certainly succeed! Read more about being pregnant with twins and what you can expect.

Pregnant with twins symptoms

Are you pregnant with twins, then the symptoms are about the same as for a 'normal' pregnancy. The difference is only that the symptoms can be more intense because there are more hormones in your blood. An important first symptom when you are pregnant with twins is that your uterus will grow faster. This could be a first sign for your midwife.

In addition, you will also get more pounds if you are pregnant with twins. Do not be alarmed if this is 12 to 18 kilos. That is very normal. Women who are pregnant with one baby are on average 11 to 15 kilos.

A twin in your belly

On average, about 3 out of 100 women become pregnant with twins. With your first ultrasound you can already see if you are expecting twins. Sometimes they can even see it from the 6th week of pregnancy! So in principle you always have enough time to prepare yourself and maybe also to save up.

When it is determined that you are expecting twins, you will be accompanied by a gynecologist instead of an obstetrician. Women who expect a multiple birth have a higher risk of complications and you will always have to give birth in the hospital. The complications you are more likely to have are increased blood pressure, gestational diabetes, preterm birth and pregnancy poisoning.

Difference identical and two-egg twins

There are two types of twins, identical or two-legged:

  • An identical twin is created by dividing one fertilized egg into two and thus growing two children instead of one. These children have the same sex and look almost exactly the same. They also have almost the same DNA. With identical twins it usually happens that they are both in their own amniotic sac, but they share the placenta together. This is called monochoriale-biamotic twins. Sometimes the children sit together in one amniotic sac and they also share the placenta. This is called monochoriale-monoamniotic twins.
  • A two-egg twin is more common. About two-thirds of all twins. A two-egg twin is created by double ovulation. So two eggs have been 'jumped' at the same time and these are both fertilized. A two-person twin is more common in certain families and in older women. Two-egg twins both have their own fruit sac and their own placenta. This is also called bichoriale-biamniotic twins.

Growth belly pregnancy twins

If you are pregnant with twins, your stomach will not be visible in the first weeks. That is very normal. But after a few weeks there will be a change, because you will soon carry more weight with you than women who are pregnant with one baby. You will therefore also arrive more. On average, women who are pregnant with twins are 12 to 18 kilos instead of 11 to 15 kilos.

Your belly will also look bigger. Especially in the second quarter the proportions will increase considerably. When you are 5 months pregnant it will seem that you have been there for 7 months. In addition to your stomach, your uterus also grows faster. This can cause you to suffer from hard stomachs, fatigue and stretch marks in the early days of your pregnancy.

12 weeks of pregnant twins

From the moment you are 12 weeks pregnant with twins, your stomach can increase considerably. Your uterus will grow more and more from then on. Since your uterus and your abdomen are now taking on serious proportions, it is good to wear maternity wear on time and be careful with intensive sports. Some ladies also suffer from hard bellies. If you notice something strange, always contact your midwife or gynecologist.

Extra costs for a twin pregnancy

The pregnancy itself will not necessarily entail a lot of extra costs because you get a medical indication for everything. For example, you have to check the gynecologist much more often (sometimes every two weeks), but these are usually reimbursed because you get twins. In addition, you will also receive extensive prenatal research with a medical indication, which usually also reimburses you.
Finally, you are entitled to maternity leave as legally you have to take maternity leave before (from week 26-30).

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That saves costs!

If you are pregnant with twins, the costs after delivery will be almost twice as high. So you can do your baby marrow list 2 times apart from a number of things. For one baby is a baby uitlijst (including box, baby bath, changing table and cot) 500 euros when you buy everything new. For 2 babies it will not be 1000 euros, but around 700-800 euros.

For example, you do not have to buy two baths, breast pumps, nursing pads, etc. Yet it is wise to start saving immediately. Also ask friends or family members if they do not have any baby stuff, because that can make a lot of difference. New baby stuff and cots, car seats, strollers, wardrobe and so on, are very expensive.Buying items at marketplace is also a good way to save money.

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