Pregnant and hay fever

Spring and summer are wonderful seasons, but often less for hay fever sufferers. If you have hay fever, you are allergic to the pollen of trees, plants and grasses that come in the air during spring and summer. In most cases you can treat your allergy with hay fever pills, nose drops and eye drops. But during your pregnancy you can not take all medication against hay fever. What now? Read here what you can do at pregnant and hay fever.

Pregnant suddenly hay fever

During your pregnancy, your hormonal system is messed up and your immune system is not as you are used to. This means that you sometimes become more susceptible to diseases and sometimes not. It is also possible that you react differently to allergies such as hay fever. Women who are pregnant can have more hay fever at a time than before. If you did not have a hay fever, it may even be possible that you are now suddenly being bothered by it.

There are also pregnant women who normally suffer from hay fever and a lot less during pregnancy. Look, that is nice!

Treatment hay fever in pregnancy

For the treatment of hay fever in pregnancy, you can better not take most hay fever tablets and nasal sprays, which you can buy at the drugstore. This is often also indicated in the package leaflet.

The reason for this is not necessarily that there are birth defects caused by the medication, but no good research has been done on the effect of the medication on the mother and the baby. Whatever medication you take, it always comes with your child and therefore you have to be extra careful with this.

The GP will therefore not prescribe hay fever medication. Also never use self-medication, because it is better not to take a lot of drugs from the drugstore. In principle, it is better to cope with hay fever in the case of pregnant and hay fever without medication.

But when the hay fever is so bad that you can not sleep well and because of that you are tired and lifeless, then this is not good for the baby either. It is important that you get enough sleep and you feel good. In these cases you can ask a doctor for a prescription.

Safe substances during pregnancy

Nasal spray against hay fever is the first medicine you can take if you are pregnant and have a lot of hay fever. The preference is to opt for a nasal spray with fluticasone. You can request this from your doctor and obtain from the pharmacy.

If hay fever tablets are really necessary, the tablets with loratadine are the safest. When not available, tablets with cetirizine are the second choice. You can obtain these tablets at the pharmacy.

(Source: Dutch general practitioners' association (nhg))

Hay fever pregnancy homeopathy

There are pregnant women with hay fever who grab the homeopathic remedies. In itself there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you check very well whether you can use it in pregnant and hay fever (always stated in the leaflet). Homeopathic remedies can also contain harmful substances for you and your baby.

Most drugs are safe to use during pregnancy. Such as A. Vogel's hay fever tablets and nasal spray. The disadvantage of homeopathic remedies is that you often have to use them for a longer period of time before they start working. In addition, they are usually less effective than other drugs or the efficacy has never really been proven.

Have you found an effective and safe homeopathic remedy that you can use in hay fever and pregnant? Let us know!

Tips pregnant and hay fever

With pregnant and hay fever you can better leave the medication, that should really be your last resort. In the meantime, you may want to try the tips below, maybe they already help a lot to relieve your hay fever.

  1. Put on your (sun) glasses as soon as you go outside to protect your eyes from the pollen.
  2. Keep the windows and doors closed so that the pollen stays outside as much as possible. You can air your house after or during a rain shower or early in the morning. There are then fewer pollen in the air.
  3. Smear some Vaseline on the inside of your nose so that the pollen sticks to this and can not reach your mucous membranes.
  4. There are fewer pollen in the air on the beach, so a good reason to plan a day at the beach. Just for lighting.
  5. When it has not rained for a while, there are a lot of pollen in the air. You better than really go outside as little as possible. Keep this in mind!
  6. Pollen goes into your hair and in clothing. Dry your laundry was not outside and wash your hair before you go to sleep. This prevents a lot of sniffing and watering eyes in the night when pregnant and hay fever.

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