12 weeks pregnant

The size of your baby has doubled in the last 3 weeks! At this moment he or she is 6.5 centimeters tall, comparable to a plum, and the weight is 20 grams. 12 weeks pregnant reaching is an important milestone because the development of the baby is almost complete. He or she now only needs to grow. Also, the chance that you get a miscarriage is now very small. Many women now decide to bring their surroundings the beautiful news of their pregnancy!

For the first time to the midwife

Usually women who are 12 weeks pregnant will go to the gynecologist or midwife for the first time. During this appointment you will mainly have to answer questions about hereditary disorders, your health, previous pregnancies and your medication. Your blood pressure will also be measured and blood will be taken from you to test. If you are lucky, the midwife or gynecologist will make an ultrasound and you can hear the heart for the first time. Keep in mind that this does not always happen.

Development of the baby at 12 weeks pregnant

The baby's main organs are now in the right place and are being refined further. From week 12 white blood cells are produced by the bone marrow. These blood cells are needed to ward off pathogens, for example.
Your child is now in possession of a working digestive system. This digestive tract now begins to move and contract. These movements are kind of exercises of the digestive system so that it can digest food a little further in the pregnancy.

In addition, your little one can now produce hormones yourself because the pituitary gland is constructed. This is a gland that is located under the brain. The structure of the brain is now completely finished. The heart is now quite fast (160 beats per minute) but the pulse will decrease over time.

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The baby is moving more and more

Although you can not feel it at this stage, your baby is moving more and more. The baby will grab his hands around him, can make small fists and thumbs. The feet are also becoming more mobile and he or she can start to yawn. The head was always bent forward, from now on your child can lift it a little.

Watch your blood pressure and dizziness!

If you are 12 weeks pregnant, extra blood is pumped to the fetus. This means that you get less blood yourself. This can lead to lower blood pressure and dizziness because there is less blood going to your brain. Do not try to make sudden movements like getting up quickly. Also take sufficient rest and eat regularly.

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What positive effects of pregnancy

Yes, there is now finally a moment when you will also experience positive effects of the pregnancy! A few weeks ago you had to go to the toilet quite often to urinate. That had to do with the fact that your uterus presses on your bladder. If you are already 12 weeks pregnant your uterus will be a little higher so the pressure on your bladder is less. Nice to know is that your uterus now has the size of a grapefruit.

Another positive effect is the fact that you are going to shine! From this week on, it is done with the pregnancy acne and many pregnant women start to get a more beautiful skin and more color in the face. Your hair will also become thicker and your nails will be firmer than ever before! Read more about the pregnancy glow here.

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