That way you and your family eat more vegetables

To my great surprise, I recently heard on the news that only 1 in 100 Dutch children eat according to the disc of five. That is only 1%. And in addition, 70% of all Dutch people eat too few vegetables. Despite the fact that we are becoming increasingly aware that healthy food is extremely important, especially vegetables, there are still many Dutch people who eat too few vegetables.

But 6% of all men get the recommended amount of 250 grams per day. When it comes to vegetables, we are sometimes still a bit old-fashioned. Vegetables are seen as a side dish when it should actually cover the majority of your plate. A bag of lettuce (containing 75 grams of lettuce) with its four parts is therefore far too little. And yet many Dutch people think they are healthy when they have worked 3 leaves of lettuce at dinner.

'The vegetables are back in'. Unfortunately, that is not the case

Why vegetables are so good?

Let's face it: vegetables are just twisted healthy. No diet will be recommended to eat more vegetables. None! While some diets, for example, discourage fruit (in the initial stages), vegetables always belong to the most important base. Why? Little carbohydrates and therefore virtually no sugar, lots of fiber, moisture, minerals and vitamins. If you want to eat healthier, start eating vegetables. Unlike other products, you can never eat too much of vegetables.

Good example…

Some people get tired of the 'eat-your-vegetables-whining'. Sometimes I get tired of people who always insist that they do not like vegetables. Or who do not realize that they are eating too few vegetables. For example, I recently heard a mother say that she always eats a whole pot of ready-to-eat pasta sauce with her spaghetti. 'That sauce is still red, there are still all vegetables in it'. Uhm, no ... Not in a pot of ready-to-eat pasta sauce.

Certainly as a parent, I really think you have to set a good example and not: 'I did not eat vegetables either, and I did well, so my child will also save it'. WRONG! What do we want for our child? The very best! And what is the best thing that your child can put in his or her mouth? Just yes: vegetables.

So show as a parent that you also eat vegetables. Do you not like it? Do not show that to your child and try to discover vegetables together with your child in a fun way. Just like you had to learn to drink beer or wine in the past: a bit bitter at first, but you get used to it. Make an effort, stick your neck out and you will see that your child is going to follow you. And who knows, maybe you will also like vegetables.

Use more vegetables in recipes?

Then read the book: 1 vegetable in the leading role of Georgina Fuggle, for inspiration.

First try, then scream

Not eating vegetables often has a link with our past. Like so many things. For example, I can not get broccoli into my husband with any possibility. Apparently he used to eat that so often that he can no longer smell or see it. That was not so much the broccoli, but the way of preparation: too long cooked and without any addition of taste.

If I have to eat broccoli that is cooked alone, then you will not make me happy about it either. That's why I do not eat any vegetables that way. There are, in fact, many ways to get your 250 grams of vegetables that are not tasteless and lacking in taste. My husband now eats more than 250 grams of vegetables a day, without really noticing it. That's why I always say: First try new ways, then scream.

Four ways to eat more vegetables

Below 4 ways to eat more vegetables with your family that work very well in my eyes.

  1. Nice mix with dinner: One type of vegetables cooked on the table is super boring and tasteless. That's why I never cook that way. I always use multiple types of vegetables in one dish and in most cases I wok everything with lots of herbs. That way there is flavor and it is anything but boring. Once a month I share a recipe with you that always consists of lots of vegetables in a tasty way.
  2. Make a soup: Vegetables can also be processed in a tasty soup. For example tomato soup from mashed tomatoes and some soup vegetables, fresh pumpkin soup or an old-fashioned (well-filled) vegetable soup with balls.
  3. Vegetables at breakfast: Do you bake your eggs in the morning? Why do not you do some vegetables like peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes? Delicious!
  4. Vegetables on bread: Did you know that grilled peppers or aubergines are easy to eat on bread? Or how about a pea puree? Do not want to make? You can buy healthy vegetable spreads at the Albert Heijn (see photo of the pea spread). These lie between the vegetables in the cooling. Slices of tomato or cucumber on your sandwich with cheese can also be delicious.

Do you have any tips for eating more vegetables or tips on how you got your children on the vegetables?
Let me know! Do you have a little baby? Then try to introduce the vegetables in a good way during the practice snacks!

Also read what you can do if your baby eats little fruit and vegetables!

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