Temperature method and getting pregnant: BAT

The temperature method is the easiest way to find out when you are fertile. You can see exactly when ovulation occurs. Tracking the basal body temperature Basal body temperature (BBT) is also where most women start when they start making one fertility chart.

How does the temperature method work?

Every morning, immediately after you wake up and every morning at the same time, you record your temperature. Although rectal gives the most accurate results, also oral and vaginal are excellent ways to record your temperature. The average woman has a body temperature between 36.4 and 36.7 degrees Celsius. The basic body temperature of a woman will also depend on how temperature is taken. The basic body temperature is the temperature in the first half of your menstrual cycle.

You can determine the ovulation with the temperature method

After your ovulation your BBT or body temperature rises about 0.2 to 0.5 degrees. So if you accurately record your temperature you will be able to see clearly when you have been ovulating. The temperature rise is caused by the release of the hormone Progesterone at the time of ovulation. If you start with the fertility chart so you do not have anything to do with this. It is not a predictor like the other two ways you can see that you are fertile.

The temperature method is still a very useful way because it gives you clear insight into your menstrual cycle. Because if it is not that month, it is a guide for the next month. If after a few months the fertility graph (also known as charten) shows that your cycle is regular and your ovulation is about the same time, you can decide to stop keeping your body temperature.

You can read further in the article "Fertility Chart and Ovulation App" for the clear keeping of your measurements and making a fertility chart with the temperature method.

Temperature method if you want to become pregnant

Not only your ovulation can lead to a temperature increase when you wake up. Also fluency, drinking alcohol the night before, restless sleep, another time of measuring your temperature (think of sleeping) or the use of an electric blanket that you do not use otherwise, can raise your temperature.

It is therefore important that the temperature increase is permanent. If your temperature is still high after three days, and you are not fluent, you can assume that your ovulation has taken place. Even then it is useful if you use at least one other method to determine your fertility.

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Temperature remains high during ovulation

After you have determined that you have ovulated, you can calculate when you should be about to have a period. Your ovulation takes place in most women 12 to 16 days before the next period. Generally, your temperature will remain high until you are deprived again. The decrease of your temperature can be used one or two days before the end of your cycle, but this can also only take place during menstruation.
If your temperature remains high and you do not have a period, then there is a good chance that you are pregnant. It is then wise to do a pregnancy test.

You can also achieve the opposite with the temperature method. Namely when you can make safe sex and use the temperature method as natural contraception!.

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