Close-up video of caesarean birth

Have you ever seen a Caesarean birth up close? Well then this is your chance. So often you do not come across these kinds of videos, but recently this video was put online and the next day he had been viewed almost 800,000 times. The reactions to the video are mixed but the majority of the viewers find the video of the caesarean birth very nice to see.
Judge yourself. But if you can not stand blood, you may not be able to watch the video. You can find it video of the cesarean section at the bottom of this page.

When will you get a caesarean birth?

Caesarean section is usually planned in advance unless it does not go well during delivery. The reason for a Caesarean section may be that your baby is in a breech or that your pelvis is too narrow. There are, however, more reasons why a caesarean delivery is chosen and you can read it in another article. There you will also find information about what happens during such an operation.

There are also disadvantages to cesarean sections, because it remains an operation and the recovery after delivery takes longer. But sometimes you do not have a choice and it becomes a caesarean birth.

Video of caesarean birth

The video below shows beautifully how it goes with a Caesarean birth. The video starts at the moment that the baby's head is already coming out of the belly. When I saw the video for the first time, I found it shocking but also very beautiful at the same time. I do not want him to remember you, so I share him on ZoZwanger.

Watch the video of this special delivery

Wonderful to see how the baby is so quietly removed from the mother's belly and is actually very relaxed.

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The happy parents

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