11 weeks pregnant

Your baby reaches a length of about 5.5 centimeters in week 11 and has a weight of 10 grams. The size of your child is similar to a sprout. If you 11 weeks pregnant you have laid the most important foundation of your baby. All organs are made like the hands, arms, legs, feet, face, brain and heart. Your baby now receives his or her diet via the placenta and umbilical cord.

11 weeks pregnant the further development of the fetus

Visual changes are now less pronounced than in the first weeks of pregnancy. The body is now mainly working to develop everything that has already been created. The head is still very large in relation to the rest of the body, namely half of the rest of the body.

In the 11the week the eyes of your child will be developed a bit further and he or she will get irises. The eyes will close in this week and will only open again if you are 26 weeks pregnant. Little nails are now coming at the fingers, and the little bodies and head are now starting to get hair follicles.

Your baby will now also start moving more. Because your child is still very small, you do not notice much of it yet. What you can feel is your womb. Just lay flat on your back and then press your fingertips just above your pubic bone. If you feel a hard edge that looks like a ball, you have touched the top of your uterus!

The end of the worst pregnancy ailments

In week 10 of pregnancy you have had the highest peak of pregnancy hormones. When you are eleven weeks pregnant, these hormones decrease and you will notice that pregnancy ailments are also less. You will probably feel more energetic, less sick and your appetite will return. Just make sure that you do not catch up on the damage by eating a lot!

Your weight from 11 weeks pregnant

If you have had a great deal of nausea during the previous weeks, you may not have arrived or you may have lost weight. Most women do not get much into the first 10 weeks. But this is actually different for every woman and is very much related to the amount of food you get.

On average, women come to about 12 kilos during pregnancy, but this can be less or more. In your first trimester, which you are now in, women on average 1 to 2.5 kilograms. After this, the weight can increase faster. Make sure you do not eat too much and stay healthy and varied. You do not have to eat for two, so keep your diet like you did before (maybe even healthier).

What you should never do is go lines while you are pregnant. It is very important to provide your body and automatically that of your little one with enough vitamins and minerals. You only get that when you eat enough. If you do not know exactly how you can eat the best food to get all the nutrients in, take a look at the website of the nutrition center.

Take care of your skin during pregnancy

Your skin may feel different during your pregnancy. Pay attention to your skin and treat yourself regularly with a nice body lotion or a pregnancy cream. Avoid the sunbed because the UV radiation is not good for your child. Be careful with sunlight anyway. Because your hormone balance is changed during pregnancy, this can affect your skin pigmentation. Think of spots in your face, such as a pregnancy mask.

11 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

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