Question from Roos: Can you exercise intensively during implantation?

Can you exercise intensively during implantation? Unfortunately, I am still trying to grow a small miracle in my womb. It seems like an eternity, but in the end my husband and I have been busy for 2 months. I know: shame on me that I nag about it. Two months is nothing at all.

Yet I must honestly say that I am now slowly getting to the point where I do not want to leave anything, but really not to chance. From the quality of my eggs, to the quality of the seed, the fertilization and the implantation. If I can do something to improve this, I intend to do so.

Of course, step by step, because I have a few things on my to do list that I want to enjoy before I am pregnant. You have to make choices, of course.

More and more questions

If you are busy with something and you want something sweet, then you want to do it right. Do it perfectly. In any case: I do. Sometimes I occasionally raffle things off, but if I have set my sights on anything, then everything goes wrong.

But at the moment that it becomes important, at the moment that everything is going to count. Then you start to doubt everything. If I now ask you if you are really 100% sure that your car is locked because otherwise it is immediately stolen. Then you go to check for safety? Because at once you do not know it that much anymore.

Well, that's how it works with getting pregnant. Although I have to admit that the comparison was not entirely optimal. A few weeks ago the question came to me in one go: "What is the first day of my menstruation?" because even there I began to doubt. I know the answer to that.

But now I have a new question:

When the possible implantation of the egg takes place, is it useful to do intensive interval training sessions in which you are jumping and running like crazy?

I went on research.

Will I take it easy? Or intensively like my husband Bas!

Heavy sports during implantation. Handy or not?

Just for the sake of clarity: an implantation is the moment that your fertilized egg begins to implant (read: attach) in the womb. If the implantation is complete, you are pregnant. I have read once that the fertilized egg, before it finds a place to nest in, 'hangs around' in the womb. After a while, the fertilized egg thinks 'I'm going to let myself be implanted'. Then it drills a kind of hole in your uterine lining to stay (hopefully) for the next 9 months.

Intensive exercise during implantation can not hurt according to medical science

But suppose that just at the moment that the fertilized egg (also called zygote) wants to settle, you as a silly one to jump? Maybe your egg does think: 'yes, I do not feel like it here' and let it drive out again. Result: no pregnancy. You do not want that?

Today I went looking for the answer. Also this time I found out that I am certainly not the only woman who asks herself this. Always nice to know, otherwise you think a bit that you are a dummy.

What I also found out, to my great frustration, is that no clear answer can be found on the internet! At least not on the first 2 pages of Google. Most people said that it really did not hurt to play sports, but there were also a few websites that advised to leave the intensive sports in the period of your implantation. Very confusing.

So what do you do? Indeed: call your daddy. In my case, perhaps logical, since my father is a general practitioner. I do not know that I did not ask him directly.

Your uterus is not a tennis ball!

The answer from my father was, very diplomatically, the following:

'There is no evidence that intensive exercise impedes implantation'.

When I asked him whether he could now say with certainty that I could just exercise, he said: "Nothing is certain in science." Nice then ... What helped me to understand better was: your womb is not a kind of hollow tennis ball.

So it is not that your egg is floating around a bit in a round ball and jumping in all directions. Your uterus is just a very narrow tunnel with almost no space to bounce around. So your egg stays in the right place when needed.

So you can do sports, but if you do not feel comfortable with it, then you will take it easy for a few days. Eventually your uterus becomes a tennis ball. And then an orange to continue to take the size of a watermelon.
Anyway, at least you are pregnant ...

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