23 weeks pregnant

You are 23 weeks pregnant and your baby has now reached the weight of 500 grams and is now just as big as a grapefruit (30.5 centimeters). In proportion, the head was pretty big so far. Starting this week, the body will grow faster so that the entire body becomes more and more proportionate. Your baby is now starting to get nails, the baby responds to noise outside the abdomen and also starts breathing.

Now there is no air in the uterus, so your baby breathes amniotic fluid. In this way he or she is already practicing a lot to really breathe in the future. But before this is possible, the lungs have to be developed a bit further.

23 weeks pregnant and liquid comes out of your breasts

Some women notice when they are 23 weeks pregnant that liquid comes from the breasts. This liquid is yellowish in color and is called colostrum. If you notice this then you do not have to worry, this is a very natural phenomenon.

Colostrum is the first milk that your baby will drink soon and is full of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. In addition, it contains virtually no fat or sugars. This "milk" must ensure that the digestion of your child starts. After a few days, colostrum will transfer to real mother's milk.

Pregnancy mask

It will not escape the people around you that you are pregnant. Your belly is already clearly visible. In addition, it can happen that you get a pregnancy mask. This manifests itself in dark spots on the face and then mainly at the cheeks, eyes, forehead and nose. The pregnancy mask, also called melasma, is caused by hormones. Although you probably would not have had it, it does not hurt and it disappears automatically after the pregnancy.

With stretch marks you can try to keep your skin supple

Stretch marks and stretch marks

Yet another ailment if you are 23 weeks pregnant where you are totally not waiting for are stretch marks or stretch marks. The intense growth of your belly stretches your skin at a fast pace and that causes red stripes on your stomach, legs, buttocks or breasts. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can prevent this and even more annoying: it will never go away completely.

However, it will be less visible after a while. You can try to keep your skin greasy with stretch marks, but that is actually the only thing you can do. However annoying it may be, it helps if you know that almost every woman who has children has stretch marks or stretch marks. You are certainly not the only one and it indicates that you have become a mother. That is of course worth it!

23 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week!

Possible anemia

Many women who are 23 weeks pregnant may suffer from anemia. Your body is working hard and extra blood has to be made. This can lead to a shortage of iron in your blood. You notice this because you feel weak and dizzy.

With a device you can test yourself if you have enough iron in your blood. Should this be the case try to eat food with sufficient iron such as:

  • Meat (especially beef, well done!);
  • Whole grain products (bread, pasta, brown rice);
  • Legumes (kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.).

In addition, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of vitamin C with every meal. Vitamin C ensures that you can better absorb the iron from the diet. And when you are 23 weeks pregnant, you can use those extra vitamins and the iron well.

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