Maternity wear buying tips

After a few weeks of pregnancy, or perhaps even half of your pregnancy, you notice that your pants get tighter. Your clothes are just a little less beautiful. High time that you positional clothing or buy maternity clothes goes. Below you will find our tips for clothing during pregnancy!

Our 10 maternity clothes buy tips!

  1. Do not buy all maternity wear at once, but keep a part of your clothing budget (if you have determined that) for later in your pregnancy. Your body changes week after week.
    Although for most of your maternity wear you have to start from your normal dress size, you may have to have a size bigger at the end. Furthermore, you are of course 9 months pregnant and you will therefore also have to adjust your maternity wear on the season!
  2. What really is not possible is to wear soup dresses! You can be absolutely proud of your pregnant belly and you can show it to the world. As a pregnant woman you are super nice and that's why well-fitting, ever-growing shirts, dresses and jackets are perfect!
  3. Invest absolutely in good black pants and a black t-shirt. They can be combined with everything and they show you your perfect figure.
  4. Purchase a wide range of position clothes. Both the basic clothing (black pants, khaki's and jeans) but also cheerful, colorful clothing.
  5. For the moments that you get enough of you pregnancy wardrobe, buy a pair of nice shoes, sandals or slippers. They can give you that extra bit and there is little chance that it will not fit anymore. Only in the last few weeks will you retain moisture.

5 more clothing tips to go

  1. Stay out of your partner's closet !! Although his clothing is a lot more spacious, you do not want to look like a pregnant guy! There is too much nice maternity wear to find. You can only sleep in one of his shirts, but not at all!
  2. Also show your feminine, sexy side if you are spending a special night out with your partner. Wear something strapless or short. A bit challenging can be very beautiful! He will certainly appreciate it.
  3. Buy absolutely a few good support bras. There are good growing bras for sale, from very simple to real lingerie. Buy a pair during pregnancy. After week 37 you buy a few good ones nutrition bras (if you are going to breastfeed). After week 37 you have a reasonable picture of how your cup size will be after the pregnancy.
  4. Play with accessories, hairdo and make-up. Also go to the hairdresser in the last weeks before your due date! Then your hair is good for all the visit you are going to receive. A whole less worry.
  5. Also look for a few nice ones transition garments. Immediately after the delivery you may not want to walk around in your maternity clothes, but your old garments will not fit you either. Breastfeeding clothing is perfect for this time. They have some space for a 'half' belly and they make feeding very effortlessly possible, without having to expose your entire belly.

Tip: Buy your new clothes during a maternity wear sale and you can supplement your wardrobe cheaply!

Hip maternity wear, enjoy this time!

This is the time to change your whole style and experiment with clothing. When do you get the chance to purchase a complete new wardrobe?
So ... not just shopping for the future baby, but certainly the trendy pregnancy clothes Mom's not forgotten! We have on our shopping page some known and lesser-known stores for you collect where you buy position clothes can.

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