Benefits of a playground in the garden

Almost nothing is better pastime for your child than playing outside. Playing this outside becomes even more fun (and more attractive) when it's fun play set in the garden state. Do you also want to make your kids happy with a playground device or are you considering buying one? Read more then!

Playground in the garden

If you are in possession of a garden and have a spot left over, then a playground for your children is definitely worth a consideration. A climbing device is a device with steps, a turret, slide and possibly swings and many more nice accessories. There are playground equipment made of plastic, but for those who think sustainability is important, there are also qualitative wooden playground equipment.

These wooden playgrounds are made of solid wood and if you have a good supplier, then the wood is also well impregnated so that the playing device can withstand all weather conditions in the Netherlands. For example, the play set also lasts a long time and you could sell it later even better if your children are too old for it. Or maybe the device will keep it up to the next generation.

Other advantages of a play set in the garden:

  • Stimulates physical activity:

    You would almost say that you better buy a playground device than a PlayStation, because with an outdoor play device your child also gets physical exercise. And a lot of physical activity and playing outside (for the vitamin D!) Is very healthy for your children. I bet your child is eager to play outside if you have such a device in the garden. Do you also have more peace in your home.

  • It triggers the fantasy and challenges your child:

    The playground in the garden can act as a castle, pirate ship or whatever your child comes up with, and that is the beauty of it. In this way the fantasy of your child is triggered and the most beautiful stories can be made up about the fantasy device. In addition, the device challenges your child to motor skills and stimulates the resolution of your child. For example, if your child can not get anywhere, he or she must think of another way. Wonderful to see!

  • You do not have to go to the playground anymore:

    You do not have to go to the playground anymore, because your own garden is already a playground! This way your child can play at all times and you can keep an eye on your child from your lazy chair. In addition, your child will also be popular with other children, who also want to play on the device!

  • Good investment:

    A good playground in the garden deserves itself. First, it is worthy of the fun that your children are going to have and secondly, a good play device is sustainable and you can resell it later at a good price.

Play set toddler

A play set is suitable for toddlers and older children. Usually children can enjoy their play set from their second birthday. Of course this is an average and you have to see for yourself if your child is ready for motor development.

Playground for growing children

A play set in the garden is ideal for every parent with growing children. This is due to the fact that you can put together every appliance to taste. This way you can always meet the new needs of your aging children and the playground device remains fun and challenging. For example, start small with a turret and fill it later with swings, a climbing wall and other fun accessories such as a telescope, binoculars, steering wheel and so on. Everything to stimulate the fantasy of your child even more.

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