Robin and Roos: The first weeks after the birth

Currently we are already at home for 1.5 weeks. Robin is now 4 weeks old, sounds a lot, but in principle I could still be pregnant. Then I was in my 39th week!

The first days at home with Robin

The first days at home from the hospital I really had to get used to. I was used to my life taking place in a space of 20 m2 and that I was constantly close to Robin. Sometimes I felt like a lioness who watched 24/7 with her offspring. I did not have to do much, except to feed and receive visitors. It was a different story at home. Then you have the feeling that you have to do a lot and you fall short every day.

Robin still comes around 8 times a day for a food because she is still very small and therefore needs to grow considerably. That growth is actually good, I see her face with the day nicer turn become. I am usually busy feeding for about an hour. It is not very fast at the moment and she takes a lot of breaks in between.

In the meantime I have already completely copied 3 series on Netflix. In terms of series, I certainly come to my own, but you have to do something ?! In the beginning I only concentrated on Robin who was drinking tasty. But you know that at a certain point, so I only started to look at series. That makes feeding a lot more fun!

Feed 8 hours a day

About 8 hours a day I sit with our little girl to give her food. In addition, I am also very busy with her. She still needs a lot of security because she is still young and young. She prefers to be with mom or dad all day long and usually does not want to sleep in her bed right after feeding.

I therefore take her on the arm and wait until she has fallen asleep. Then I put her in the bed. The result is that I am a long time further and the moment that Madam is back again for the next meal, is already a lot closer. That's how I get through my time.
Incidentally, I do not complain, I love to lie on the couch or in bed with our little 'bundle of love' (as we call her during the day). I often get pretty pinkish and it is very important for Robin and me.

As the nurse in the hospital said, the L hormone is just as important as the feeds. " With L-hormone they mean 'love'.

Hobbuurje? Never heard of it!

During the day our girl is really a small bundle of love, but in the evening this small pile of love turns into a crying colossus. For that reason my husband and I call her 'bundle of terror' in the evening. Especially during the first 2 evenings at home she went so well between 19.00 and 22.00 in the evening. On the first night she showed herself 2,5 hours.

Of course my husband and I were completely upset. This was the first time she was crying so hard and long. I was constantly afraid that she would suffocate and wondered how she got oxygen in during that screeching. We did not know what to do or what was going on. She had a clean diaper, just drunk, and it was not too hot or too cold.

'Oh, that's what it's supposed to be,' said my mother. 'That is the normal crying hour'. Hobbuurje? Never heard of it.

But the more people I told about our bundle of terror, the more I was told that this was 'normal'. Why did nobody tell us in advance?

Robin, our bundle of love!

Fortunately, it does not happen every night. Sometimes she cries only briefly, sometimes not at all, and sometimes (like yesterday evening) she goes all out again. The good thing is that we are used to it and can now remain calm while our girl screams the lungs out of her little body. 'It's just part of it', we say bravely to each other.

We both know one thing for sure: weeping is over and before we know it it's day again and our bundle of terror changes, again in our sweet little bundle of love that we love incredibly much. In short: it is fantastic and exciting to have this little person in my life.

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