Everything about the hospital delivery

If your pregnancy runs without any strange complications or abnormalities then you have a choice: home birth or hospital delivery. Both deliveries have advantages and disadvantages and the choice is entirely up to you. If you prefer giving birth in your own environment because you can relax more then a home birth is more your thing. Do you want to take it for the uncertainty then you better choose one hospital delivery.

There are two options for a hospital delivery, one outpatient delivery and a clinical delivery. The difference between these two is that the clinical delivery is done by a gynecologist. This happens when you are forced to put your child into the hospital due to complications or medical indication.
Below you will find more information about both options for a hospital delivery.

Outpatient delivery, delivered without medical necessity

Outpatient delivery is a delivery in the hospital without medical necessity. Before you have to give birth you can choose this instead of a home birth. During the outpatient delivery you will be accompanied by your midwife or your maternity nurse. The moment you feel that your birth has started, you first call the midwife. You do not have to go to the hospital right away. The midwife comes to your home and sees how far the access is. Only when your access is around 5 centimeters will you go to the hospital.

Clinical delivery, delivered with medical indication

Sometimes you have no choice and you have to give birth in the hospital due to medical reasons. In this hospital delivery you will be assisted by a gynecologist and accompanied by a clinical midwife. The medical causes that make you choose a hospital birth are:

  • The baby is not well (for example, a breech presentation);
  • You undergo a caesarean;
  • There were complications with previous deliveries;
  • You get a multiple birth;
  • You like it for the 37th week of your pregnancy.

Usually you know in advance that you have a clinical birth. In the case of a breech presentation, it becomes clear to you that you are only at the end of your pregnancy clinical delivery waiting.

Benefits of hospital delivery

The advantages of choosing a hospital delivery are:

  • The fact that all specialists are a stone's throw away can give you a reassuring feeling;
  • All medical devices and specialists are in the neighborhood if complications occur;
  • It is not necessary to go to the hospital head over heels in complications because you are already there. This saves you a lot of stress.

Give birth at the hospital: When to call?

As we have already indicated, you first call your midwife if you feel that childbirth has started. He or she will explain you well in advance when you can call. Usually you can call at the moment that:

  • The membranes are broken;
  • The contractions regularly arise, every 5 minutes;
  • You have contractions for more than 2 hours;
  • You lose vaginal blood.

It is therefore not necessary to call immediately when you feel the first woe. It can take hours before you give birth. Read more about this during the latent phase of the delivery and the other phases.

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