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Woven cloths are back again completely. I must be honest that at first I was a bit skeptical about it. Why? I do not really know, but as soon as something is a hype, I get the feeling that I do not want to go with it. But I must honestly say that slings are not that crazy yet. In fact, I am going to buy one myself. You too? Read all about slings here.

Baby sling newborn baby

An important reason for me to choose for slings is the fact that you can take your baby anywhere you go and still have your hands free. How ideal! You do not have to lift anything, you have no hassle with the pram and your baby feels super relaxed. Also in the house you can do your household tasks perfectly, while your baby takes a nap.

Ideal right? I think so, especially considering the fact that baby slings can be used in a newborn baby. In fact, a newborn baby finds it very nice to lie close to you in the sling. This is most like his or her time in the womb.

If you are going to carry your little newborn baby in the sling, it is very important that your baby is well placed, so that the head and back are well supported and your baby also gets enough air. Therefore, let yourself be well informed about the knotting of the sling. For example, by your maternity nurse or a support consultant (yes, they exist).

Tip: Check out this blog with videos about how to tie a sling!

Woven cloths a hype or stay?

Although slings are back again, they have never really gone away. Previously, slings were used very often because there were no pushchairs etc. at that time. Later, the prams, maxi cosis and all those other things took over the slings. They were mainly worn by the 'green' people among us. As a result, baby carriers got a bit of a dusty character that only hippies made use of. I think that is the reason why some people remain a bit skeptical, while that is totally unjust.

Now that the sling has made an advance, also with the modern mother, I think it will not go back to the dusty character of a while ago. People now consciously make a choice for a sling, not because there is nothing else, but because it is damn handy. How convenient? Read below the advantages of slings.

Advantages of slings

Woven cloths have several advantages:

  • Newborn babies love being close to mum or dad and feel safe and secure. So it is a good way to calm your baby.
  • The baby is probably crying less if he or she is worn in a sling every day.
  • It is very good for the bond with your child.
  • Carrying your baby in a sling is ergonomically justified (if you do it right). In the first months your baby is in a natural 'comma' posture. In this position the head, neck and back are optimally supported. From 3 months your baby can be worn sitting.
  • As a parent you have your hands free, ideal for the home and outdoors.
  • It hardly takes up space like a stroller does.
  • If you have a good sling and tie it well, then that is also less stressful for yourself. The weight of your baby is divided.
  • A sling is also useful for fathers to get more contact with the baby.
  • It is easy to wash when an accident happens.
  • It is quite affordable!

Disadvantages of sling

In addition to benefits, there are also a few drawbacks of slings:

  • It is extremely important that you tie the sling well. If you do not tie the sling well or your baby is not well placed, it can be dangerous.
  • It takes a little practice to tie the sling well.
  • In the summer a sling can be quite warm, so keep this in mind!

Best sling

There are several slings for sale. First you have to make a choice between a stretchy sling or a woven sling. Choose a stretchy sling if your baby is younger than 1 year old and you especially want to wear your baby when it is young. These cloths are usually not suitable for older babies. A stretchable sling is also better if you want to tie the sling in advance and want to carry your baby later. That is not possible with a woven wrap, which you have to tie while holding your baby.

You can always use a woven wrap for young babies and older children. In addition, a woven wrap is stronger, you can knot the cloth in various ways, you can carry your baby on your back and the fabric breathes better than stretchy slings. Woven slings are available in many colors and motifs. The disadvantage of these cloths is that it is a little more difficult to learn the knots.

The better slings are made from cotton or another fabric that breathes like bamboo. In addition, you can recognize good woven wraps by the type of weave and the density of the weave. The better the density, the stronger the sling.
Woven cloths that are popular with users:

  1. Babylonia Tricot-Slen
  2. ByKay Stretchy Wrap de Luxe
  3. Purebabylove slings
  4. ByKay baby carrier Mei Tai Deluxe

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