34 Weeks pregnant

Your baby is already as big as a Cantaloupe melon and weighs 2250 grams now 34 weeks pregnant are. The lungs are now almost fully developed and your kid's kidneys are also ready. The eyes are already doing well.

Since your baby has less and less room to move, you will notice that the baby is calmer. From this period on, it is very normal and you do not have to worry about this. The hard shovels now make way for shoving feet and hands. Probably these gentle movements are a welcome development!

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34 Weeks pregnant: Viable

Although it is of course better for your child to sit still for a while, your baby is already viable outside the womb. About 99% of all babies born when the mother is 34 weeks pregnant can survive well. However, it may be necessary for the baby to go into the incubator. This depends on the weight of your baby. Although you probably have a healthy baby if you like it right now, your baby will really be fully termed when you have had 37 weeks.

The chance that your baby will enjoy the warmth and safety of your uterus for a while is greater and that is a good thing. In the coming weeks there are still a few developments waiting which are also important for your child. Your baby is going to get nails and needs to develop some more fat. If you get a boy, the testicles will now proceed to his scrotum.

Indwelling contractions

Now that you are getting closer to the actual birth, you may suffer from indigestion. These contractions feel like knife stabs in your vagina. In addition, you also have pain in your groin and suffer from a hard stomach. You get indigestion pains because your baby descends to your pelvis. It is also possible that you are not bothered by this. Usually the baby will go around week 37. If you already have children, the descent can happen later. Want to know more about the different contractions? Read all about the types of contractions that are there.


Cramp in the calves is a common complaint among women who are 34 weeks pregnant. But it can also occur earlier or later in the pregnancy. If you feel cramp in your calves, it is best to stretch your leg and pull the toes towards you.

34 weeks pregnant start of your maternity leave

If all goes well, you could indicate when you wanted to take maternity leave. You have opted for 6 or 4 weeks before the due date. If you have chosen for 6 weeks you can really relax from this week.

Probably the leave comes as a salvation. Now that you have been 34 weeks pregnant, you will become more and more tired. This has to do with the fact that you have to carry a lot of weight and your sleep will also be far from optimal. It is still going through. Fortunately, from now on you can do more naps during the day!

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