Galbultes with a baby

Summits in a baby are fairly common and then mainly in children between 1 and 4 years. Other names for hives are hives or urticaria. Galbultes with a baby look like red spots or bumps and can proceed to thickened areas. The red spots can appear on the body in various places and disappear again. In most cases it is gone within a day to a few days. Read more about gallops in a baby here.

Galbultes in a baby's symptoms

To know if your baby has hives or hives, it is useful to know what it looks like. Galbultes may look like one red spot or bump or there are more. The bumps are similar to a mosquito bite. Or they look the same as the spots you get when you have touched a nettle.

Gallbots usually start with red spots with a clear border. The spots then turn into thickened spots that are slightly paler in the middle. Individual hives can coalesce into large spots. In most cases the spots cause itching, but in severe cases it can also be painful and give a burning sensation. The hives can occur over the entire body. Some bumps are a few millimeters, others a few centimeters.

Origin of hives

Sclerosis is a symptom or complaint in an acute allergic reaction. The allergic reaction can have various causes. It can be a reaction to certain medications, insect bites, certain substances or plants, foods (in particular nuts, fruit or milk products) and certain coloring agents or preservatives in food. Also, hives in a baby can also arise as a result of a disease such as an infection or when the skin is exposed to too much heat, cold, sun or pressure.

Nettle child contagious

Hives or gallops are not contagious. This is because it is caused by an allergic reaction of the person and not by contact with another person with hives. So you can just hug your sweet baby if he or she has hives.

Galbultes baby dangerous?

Galbultes in a baby are not dangerous. They often arise spontaneously and disappear after a few days to a few weeks. Your baby will not suffer permanent damage to the skin or organs due to the bumps. What is very annoying is the itching that can cause the bumps. Try to ensure that your baby or child does not scratch because that can actually aggravate the symptoms. Actually, it is not necessary to go to the doctor because the hives in most cases go away automatically.

Galbultes baby fever

Summits in a baby usually do not cause a fever. If that is the case, then this can be a sign of a violent infection. It is then wise to go to the doctor immediately. Also go to the doctor if the hives last longer than 3 weeks or if your baby or child gets anxious and suffers from swollen lips or eyelids.

Urticaria baby

Urticaria is another name for hives or hives. If your baby has this then it is good to write down for yourself what your baby or child:

  • did that day,
  • has eaten that day,
  • with which your baby has been in contact.

If you do this every time your baby or child gets hives, you might find the cause. But do not feel guilty if you can not figure out the cause. In most cases in this is not known.

Galbultes baby treatment

If you observe hives in your baby, you can take the following measures:

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