Mama jewelry: Memory of the pregnancy

The bond between mother and child is already formed during pregnancy. It is a wonderful feeling when you first kick the baby and you feel how the child lies in your stomach. Later on the band only gets stronger but slightly less intimate. To remember the intimate bond between mother and child, there are so-called mommy jewelry or birth jewelry available.

What are mommy jewelry?

A mommy jewel symbolizes the strong bond between you and your child. This band starts during pregnancy. When babies hear the voices of mothers, their hearts beat faster and they become calmer and happier. During pregnancy, there are several hormones at work such as Oxytocin which increases the infatuation of the child enormously. This hormone is also released by both the mother and the child during breastfeeding. Thus the bond between mother and child grows into something special that can not be expressed in words or images.

With a piece of jewelry you can still carry a memory of this band with you all your life. The birth jewelry are personal and become irreplaceable and unaffordable over time. They can remind you of the time that you were pregnant, but also of the time that your children (who are now somewhat larger) were still small.

Mama jewelry is therefore really special jewelry for every mother and grandmother!
They can also serve as unique gifts to give to your mother, best friend or other loved one. For example for Mother's Day, a special birthday or an anniversary!

Of course you can also pamper yourself and give a mommy jewel to yourself! Do you, for example, see the issue of returning to work after your maternity leave? With the mommy jewelry of Names4ever, your baby is still a little bit with you!


Names4ever is a specialist in personalized jewelry such as name chains, mama jewelry or birth jewelry. What is so special about Names4ever's mama jewelry is that you can engrave the names of your children and yourself in the jewelry. You can also choose to engrave the birth dates or a short personal message in the jewelry.

The webshop offers a wide selection of special pendants, charms and bracelets for mothers. Silver, gold or with a birthstone? A pendant with hands, feet or in the shape of a mother kissing her child? They have a large collection at Names4ever. Names4ever also provides customization when requested. There are also many more special jewelry such as jewelry in which you can engrave the fingerprint or photo of your child.

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