9 Useful tips for men during pregnancy

Almost all the tips and facts that I have collected for you or have shared with you are about always aimed at the mothers in the game. This time I focus on the expectant fathers, because in all the hustle and bustle of being pregnant, suffering from discomforts and daydreams about the baby, you would almost forget that you also have a partner. And although he (or she) is not pregnant, he really does get something from your pregnancy. Let's just say: pregnant women are not always very useful. How can you, as a partner, ensure that you suffer as little as possible from the pregnancy problems? Follow the below useful facts and tips for men during pregnancy and it's all right!

9 Tips for men during pregnancy!

  1. Never say that she is getting fat

    You will hear the next question a million times: "Am I fattened?" Your standard answer should simply be 'no'. Or as my own husband said very smartly when I was no longer forced into my normal clothes: 'You do not feel fat, you are pregnant, this is part of it.' I always reassured it.

    If you get the question, always answer quickly and convincingly. Do not think about it and never say 'I do not know'. You do not want to hear that pregnant and insecure woman. She wants to hear 'no'. If they have arrived quite a bit, purely and simply because they are only eating, try to spread very subtly healthier products.

  2. Never say that she is unreasonable or grumpy

    The most irritating thing people can do is to emphasize that you are unreasonable or grumpy, the moment you are actually grumpy. In any case: it is very irritating when you do this in pregnant women. Because they are flooded with hormones and honestly: they just can not do anything about it.

    So instead of making us feel guilty by that comment, I would say: let it go! Let your wife rage and be cranky, do not name it and do not try to let it affect you.

  3. Get what she wants (in measure)

    Sometimes I can have an incredible sense of something, such as a muffin, the new M & M ice cream or such a big oat cake. Usually I have to do it with daydreams about those delicacies, but very occasionally, very often, my husband takes it for me. And then how grateful I am to say! At that moment I find that the most romantic and sweetest thing he has ever done for me.

    So if you want to make your pregnant wife happy, buy that food that she feels like. But of course you do not always have to do it, because then the romantic touch goes away. You will then have a grumpy wife (again: do not mention this), but after a few hours she will still feel like something else or have thought of herself.

  4. Better you can not get it as a man with these handy tips for men during pregnancy, of a woman

  5. Become a personal butler

    When the third trimester arrives (she is 6 months pregnant) then the belly starts to get in the way and weigh heavily, that your wife needs more and more help. At that time I am available at any time to pull her off the couch, put on her shoes or pick up something for her from the floor (yes, that too has suddenly become a whole workout). You will also have to become her personal butler and provide her with fluids and food when she is on the couch.

  6. Accept that you are replaced in bed by a pillow

    Sleeping becomes increasingly difficult during pregnancy and that is mainly because it is very difficult for a pregnant woman to find a good position in bed. Luckily, very big cushions have been invented for that look like a big sausage. Do not be surprised if you are replaced by this enormous monster and you are offered by your wife to stay on your own half of the bed.

  7. Grab the moments that she 'feels' immediately

    In general, most pregnant women do not feel particularly sexy, especially when the belly starts to increase in size. First, accept that from the 5th month your hand is your best friend. Does she happen to have a sentence? Then do not wait too long and immediately take your chance (by subtly seducing her), you never know when you still have such a possibility.

  8. Prepare that you sometimes get the full layer

    Unfortunately, the pregnancy is not always a pink cloud and sometimes it can just be a bit too much. So be prepared that you can sometimes get the full layer. Because 'you have it easy, you do not have a big belly and you do not have to puke 10 times every day'. Maybe she even blames you for this 'misery' because you made her pregnant! Again: do not go into it, do not mention that it is unreasonable, but let it get over you.

  9. Am involved

    Of course, you are not really waiting for a pregnancy class as a tough guy. Still, it is better to go along with you, instead of opting for a puff course. Also try to catch as many visits to the midwife as possible, go to an information evening or show your face at an information evening about breastfeeding, for example.

    After all, it is your child and your wife should not do this on her own. Do you want to be the best partner? Try to read about pregnancy, childbirth and life with a child. For example by reading some articles on pennea.org

  10. Get a sense of fatherhood

    Last but not least: try to get a sense of fatherhood. I hear enough fathers say "That they do not have that much feeling yet".Believe me: it is really not fun to hear that as a pregnant spouse. It comes across as if you are not doing it at all and find other things more important. We have pregnant women right away, making us feel that we are the only ones in the house who really can not wait until the little one is there. That's not right ?!

    Even though there is not much to suggest: try it in any case! Try to imagine what it is like to do nice things with your son or daughter. What do you want to teach your children, what dreams do you have for your children, what kind of father do you want to be, etc. Think about this and look forward to all the fun that is coming.

    Do not think of crying, changing diapers and cleaning up vomit. But think about the period that comes after, when your child can walk and talk and look up to his or her dad with wide eyes. Because you will soon be the great hero, the great example and the most important and strongest man in their lives. Super cool right ?!

Thanks to these handy tips for men during pregnancy, things are going to be all right!

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