8 tips on how to train your baby

It would be nice if your child decides to do his or her needs on the toilet one day after another. But unfortunately that does not work that way. If you do not want to change diapers anymore, there is only one thing. You must be yourself baby clean to make. This process is also called toilet training.

Do not expect your baby to sit on the pot within a day, go on with this for several days or even weeks. The most important thing is that you remain positive, consistent and persistent during this period. According to the tester expert Carol Cline are these 3 words essential if you want your baby to become clean as soon as possible!

Below you will find 8 cleanliness tips and a step-by-step plan to make your baby clean.

Check whether your child is ready for toilet training

The first thing you have to do before you start with the training sessions, is to investigate whether your child is ready for it. Only then can you start to make the step-by-step plan clean. On average you start to train your baby when he or she is 2 years old. But this does not mean that on the second birthday you do not put on the diaper anymore and decide that it is now time.

Getting clean is harder than you think. Your child must first be able to recognize the stimulus indicating that he or she needs to do something. In the first years your child does not feel this yet and just let everything run.

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However, if you notice that your child behaves differently just before he or she needs to do something, then this is a sign that your child feels a stimulus. Example of other behavior, for example, is to wobble, to walk differently, to say that they have to go to the toilet, cross their legs or pull a certain face. Ask your child at that time if he or she needs to pee or poop and immediately tell what is happening at that moment.

8 tips to make your baby clean

  1. Not too difficult clothes

    If your child is ready for it, it is wise not to put on your child a difficult clothing during the step-by-step cleaning. So make sure there is a training pants for getting tidy or training pants. This way you prevent all good clothes from your child from being ruined. Also clothes without difficult buttons easier and that is so convenient. The moment your child feels that he or she has to go to the bathroom, there is little time left!

  2. Let your child get used to the jar

    The jar is still a strange thing in the beginning. Therefore let your child 'get acquainted' with the pot in advance. Put it in the room, let your child play with it and sit on it. Talk to your child about it and try to explain what the game is for. Have you noticed that your child feels the incentive to go to the toilet, then let him or her sit on the pot and ask if they want to do their thing.

  3. Together to the toilet

    Go regularly with your child to the toilet. In this way it becomes clearer for your child that there is a link with the stimulus they feel and the toilet. Go to the toilet yourself with your child. In this way you give your child an example and children are inclined to copy your behavior. Always keep talking to your child and explain what you are doing.

  4. Take it easy

    Do not try to force your potty training. Maybe you are ready to change diapers, but that does not mean that your child is ready for the potty or the toilet. If you are going to force it, this can have a counterproductive effect: your child starts to feel resistance to the toilet or potty and then you are even further away from home.

  5. Reward

    If your child goes to the pot himself and has succeeded, reward extensively. Also show your joy. Children are very sensitive to this. You can make it even more fun by buying a sign. Every time your child has been sitting on the potty or the toilet, he or she gets a sticker that they can stick on the board. If they have achieved a certain number, you can give them a little something.

    If things go wrong, you should try not to get angry. So stay positive and indicate that it is not bad.

  6. At fixed times to the toilet

    Children usually have to go to the toilet after eating and just before bedtime. Therefore, try to make a habit of going to the toilet or the pot every time at these times with your child. Have him or her sit on it and wait patiently. Try to be consistent and persistent in this so that your child can clearly make the link.

  7. Buy less absorbent diapers

    Making your baby tidy can be faster if you make it less comfortable for your child to do the need in the diaper. Therefore, buy diapers that absorb less so that he or she feels that there is urinating or pooping.

  8. Read together books about getting tidy

    Many books have been written about getting tidy. For parents, the English book 'Start Potty Training' is a very good book and currently one of the best books on toilet training. There are also many Dutch books and books that are intended for children. Try reading these last books together with your child. In this way, making your baby's process tidy becomes more fun for yourself and for your child.

Good books for your child about toilet training are:

  • Hugo de Haas does not need a diaper anymore;
  • Bobbi on the jar;
  • Get rid of the diapers.

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