Saving energy for families

Anyone who has just received a small miracle will enjoy the small and also quite scared of the rising energy bill. And prepare yourself: that only increases if you grow up to puberty. That is why we have something in this blog save energy for families tips!

Family energy experiences

Let's face it: children cost money. In addition to spending on clothing, food and diapers, the energy costs will also increase. Think of the multiple washes that you have to run and the dishwasher that goes a little more often. As your baby gets older, the rompers are exchanged for clothes that get dirty every time and when your children become teenagers you get to deal with too long in the shower, leave doors open and do not close windows properly.

Many families get a high bill and although you can not prevent the energy bill from getting higher, you can do a lot to reduce costs. Think of small things like draft strips, hang curtains, close doors, do not always turn on the heating and even let out in some places. For example on the upper floor.

It does not have to be 20 degrees in your baby's room. The advice is to keep the temperature in the baby room between 16 and 18 degrees. So firing on the upper floor is not necessary! Not even in the winter!

Save energy advice

Many Dutch people have been staying with the same energy supplier for years. That just feels familiar and you know a little what you can expect. Yet? True, but it will not help you save energy costs.
The supply of energy suppliers is great and every supplier really wants you to become their new customer. That is why they give attractive discounts (welcome discounts) to every new customer. And those discounts will leave you all if you stay with the same.

You can compare it a bit with offers from different supermarkets. Sometimes one supermarket has better offers than the other. Then you would also go to the cheaper supermarket ?!

But how do you know which energy supplier is the cheapest for you? Very easy: compare energy suppliers on an energy compare website. Here you can find good offers, which are sometimes even more attractive than when you conclude your contract directly with the supplier.

Save energy for families tips

By changing a few things you can quickly save a few hundred euros on your energy costs. Read our tips for families here:

  1. Simply enter your data and family situation at an energy compare website and compare energy suppliers. You can now see within a few seconds which energy supplier is most beneficial for your family.
  2. Wash clothes at lower temperatures. Now that you have children, the number of washes will have doubled or tripled. One way to reduce these costs is to wash at lower temperatures (such as 30 degrees) and not do everything in the dryer. For example, hang larger pieces of clothes to dry and only put the small clothes in the dryer.
  3. Now that you have a family, perhaps the time has come to purchase an economical A +++ washing machine. You will immediately notice this in your energy costs! Because this washing machine you use a lot when you get a baby.
  4. Keep the doors closed! In this way, less heat is lost!
  5. Leave the central heating boiler well maintained
  6. Switch (if possible) to a Hr boiler
  7. Turn off devices completely. Have you ever noticed how many devices are always in stand-by mode and not completely off? Just think about your TV, laptop or your phone that is unnecessarily in the charger!
  8. Put your dishwasher in eco mode and charge it completely.
  9. Turn the heating a bit lower. It does not always need to see 20 degrees in the house, especially when you are not at home or when you are at home getting started with brushing or rummaging. By the way: try anyway 19 degrees as standard temperature during the day and pull a slightly thicker sweater.

Do you have any more tips for saving energy for families? I'm curious about your experiences with the energy bill now that you have a family extension

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