Buying a family car? A bigger car in pregnancy!

Do you want a buy a family car? Then you are faced with a difficult choice, because which family car suits you best? And do you want a new car or is an occasion also good? How do you know that you do not pay too much? Read here our tips for buying a family car, taking out one car loan and the important points you can look for to find the best car for mothers!

Buy the ideal family car

Buying a family car has many advantages. The biggest advantage is the space. So you can go wherever you want and also take everything with you. But what is the most ideal family car? Of course it remains a matter of taste and it depends entirely on your budget. Do you want a good family car then it is good to see if the car meets the following requirements:

  • Space. Think of legroom and luggage space where not only the pram and Maxi-Cosi can, but also the diaper bag, toys and if necessary spare gear for grandpa and grandma.
  • Air conditioning or climate control.
  • Isofix or iSize attachment points for the child seat. This is safer than car seat belts. iSize can be found in older cars.
  • 5-door is more convenient than 3-door.
  • Central door locking and / or child lock.
  • Possibility to turn off the airbag on the front seat if you decide to transport your baby in the front.

In addition to good safety, it is also nice if you enjoy driving the car. Therefore always make a test drive. It is best to immediately take all your family and a number of things with you, such as pram, Maxi-Cosi, diaper bag etc. so that you can be sure that everything fits in the car.

Did you know that during pregnancy you have to wear the seat belt in a special way while driving?

Used or new family car?

It is absolutely not necessary to buy a brand new family car if you want a safe car for your family. Used cars or used cars are also good and often with all important points mentioned. New cars are always more expensive because they have high depreciation costs in the first 2.5 years.
If you purchase an occasion from a dealer or provider that you trust, you may be cheaper. To ensure that you do not pay too much for your family car you can pay attention to the following points:

  • Compare the prices of used cars and view on various websites what the average price of the car in question is. This can be done on the ANWB price list (you can find the value of the car on the basis of the number plate and mileage), and in the car comparator.
  • Do not forget to check the premium of the car insurance. This can increase considerably with larger cars.
  • Compare various car insurance policies, sometimes it makes sense to switch.
  • Take a car driver when you look at the car.
  • Check the service intervals and check whether the timing belt has already been replaced.

If you buy a new car, it is also good to look at the insurance premium and compare car insurance. Sometimes you are more profitable if you buy the new car by the end of the year. Car dealers then give a discount faster, especially if you opt for a model that almost goes out of production. Check out whether it is cheaper to exchange or sell your car. Usually selling is more favorable.

Buy larger car in pregnancy

Buying a family car does not have to be postponed until the moment your baby arrives. In fact, it may be better to buy a larger car when you are pregnant. After giving birth you need time to recover and you are really not waiting for a search for a spacious family car. Also, that extra space of a family car during your pregnancy is also very nice.

So go on the road before you are 30 weeks pregnant (then you have the most energy) and take the pram and all the other things that you will need on the road also along. That way you can be sure that everything fits into it.

Borrow money for a family car with a car loan!

If you currently have no money to purchase a family car, you can also take out a loan or car loan. Several banks have special car loans with which you can finance a car. But actually you can finance a car with any type of loan.
Tips for when you take out a loan for a car:

  • Personal loan or revolving credit?

    It is best to take out a car loan as a personal loan. The level of the interest and the term is fixed. You know how much you have to pay per month and when you have repaid the loan. If you use a revolving credit then it may be that your car is already gone and you are still with the loan.

  • Choose an appropriate duration

    You have loans with a very long maturity. These often have lower interest rates, but are not the most ideal. Your car will not last forever and it is wise to have your car paid off before you are ready for a new one.

  • Pay attention to taking out a loan from the car dealer

    These are sometimes too good to be true. Always remember that dealers also want to earn money. Read the conditions carefully and prefer to arrange your own financing.

  • Compare as many loans and providers as possible

    Pay attention to the interest, penalty-free repayment, the term and the conditions.

  • Choose an all-risk insurance policy

    Why? If you buy a car with borrowed money then it is reassuring that when you drive the car total-loss, you do not leave with a debt that you have to pay for a few more years. Do not take any risks and take out insurance that covers damage to the car (including through your own fault) such as theft, collision and vandalism.

Family finance? Compare car loan!

Below you will find some well-known and less well-known lenders where you can go for family car financing. Compare car loans You do this by requesting multiple offers for the loan of the new family car.

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