32 weeks pregnant

You are now 32 weeks pregnant and your baby has grown about 1 centimeter last week and is now 40 centimeters long. The weight has increased again, about 1700 to 1800 grams. Your baby is about the size of a Chinese cabbage. At the moment that thirty-two weeks are pregnant, your uterus becomes tighter for your baby. Although your baby is not growing very fast in terms of length, the weight will increase and this will even double! Because your baby is getting bigger, he or she has less space and the baby will also be less mobile.

From now on you will have an appointment with the midwife about every week who will keep an eye on everything. For example, your blood pressure is regularly measured. High blood pressure can be dangerous for your baby.

Baby development

Your baby is still undergoing a number of small developments, even now that you are already 32 weeks pregnant. The lungs are not fully developed yet, but this week your baby will be a bit closer. In the air pockets of the lungs a fatty substance is released that ensures that the alveoli remain open. This way the lungs stay open after birth and do not collapse.

Your baby no longer has any down hairs. This has made way for a growing fat layer. That is also the reason why your baby arrives during the past and coming weeks.

32 Weeks pregnant: Braxton-Hick contractions

Many women already had Braxton-Hick or exercise pains halfway through their pregnancy. When you are 32 weeks pregnant, it often happens that these exercise contractions come back with some regularity. These contractions are a preparation for your delivery. If this is your first child, then these contractions can be pretty confusing. They can look like real contractions. Nevertheless, there are a number of differences. Real contractions occur regularly (every few minutes) and have a clear beginning, height in pain and ebbing. Read more information about recognizing contractions here.

Short of breath

Your baby keeps growing and that means your uterus also grows. As long as the baby has not yet descended, the uterus can get in the way more and more. If you are 32 weeks pregnant you may notice that it is more difficult to breathe properly. This is because your uterus presses against your lungs. Try to take it easy and do not worry, this will also be better!

Do you already have a birth plan?

It will not be long before the little one is there. Now that you are 32 weeks pregnant, it is wise to think carefully about certain issues. Do you already know where you want to give birth? If you still have doubts, read here the advantages and disadvantages of home birth or hospital delivery.

Have you already made a choice in the way of feeding? For example, if you choose to breastfeed, it is good to see what you need. Many future parents are now making a birth plan. Besides the fact that this is very practical, it also gives a reassuring feeling. Thanks to a birth plan you know for sure that you are well prepared, even if you are "only" 32 weeks pregnant.

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