Tribute to all mothers!

Being a mother and caring for the children at home is a full-time job that is often underestimated by men. This video shows an average day from the life of a mother and her baby. The video is appreciation and a nice tribute to all mothers!

Tribute to all mothers

Actually, this video is made with Mother's Day in mind but of course it can be shared and viewed at any time. Do you know someone who should definitely watch this video? Or someone who deserves appreciation for her work as a mother?

Being a mother is a job!

Being a full-time mother and being at home with the children is often underestimated. It sounds pretty good, playing with your baby all day, reading a book, drinking tea and relaxing. That is often quite disappointing. In the video you can see how a mother is busy all day with her child and falls exhausted on the couch as soon as the little one is sleeping. And when the baby wakes up it starts again from the beginning. Being a mother is also a job!

A home mother is always busy even when the baby is asleep. Because you want your house to look neat, so if the little one is sleeping you are busy with the household. If your partner comes home at night, you obviously do not want the house to be a mess and the food is not ready. You want to prevent your husband from saying to you: "You've had time all day? That is the beginning of frustration and can cause problems in the relationship. As a mother you never have peace!

So let your partner see what your day looks like when he is working and you are working with the baby.

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