Original maternity gift with name

Sometimes it can be so difficult to buy a good and original maternity gift. If you still spend money then you obviously want it to be valued unwise. Searching on the internet or when you step into children's shops you will be flooded with possibilities.
If you want to be the one with the most original maternity gift, then you choose one maternity gift with name. Because even if you buy a basic romper, when the name of the baby is on it everything becomes special and unique.

Maternity gift with name the basics

If you are going to search for 'maternity gift with name' then you will find out how much choice there is and believe us: that makes you really enthusiastic. For example, what about jewelery with name, wooden blocks with name, a night light with name or a suitcase, birth pillows, birthboard or tile, bath cape, dressing gown, romper, teat, piggy bank or even quilt with name?

You really can not think it crazy enough or it is possible to press the name of the child on it. And say so yourself, which child does not want something his or her name is on? It is not so popular for nothing!

Children's furniture and decoration with name

Not only stuff, but also children's furniture or decoration can be transformed into a maternity gift of unprecedented value. There are stools, storage boxes, toy buckets, sets of table and chair, storage benches, crown seats and storage boxes with name available. With such an original maternity gift with name you beat two birds with one stone: you give a unique and also very practical gift.

Timeless wooden toys with name

Wood is back and everything vintage is incredibly hot and happening. A beautiful unique and classic wooden toy (of course with name) is a very nice baby shower gift. In addition, wooden toys are timeless and even later, when the child is large and mature, it can still be used as decoration at home. Examples of wooden toys: balance bike, doll carriage, cargo bike, fire engine, swing scooter or trolley.

Baby gift with name: baby shower gift

Do you want to raise the originality even higher? Then choose a maternity gift with name in the form of an ornament. Is there a beautiful little girl born then you could buy super cute or classic bracelets with the name of the child. These bracelets are made of extra strong material so they are suitable for the little ones and the older children. You can also opt for earrings, necklaces or rings (adjustable). The advantage is that one baby gift gift lasts longer and can be bought 'on the growth'. This way the child can enjoy it a lot longer.

Permanent gift birth

The maternity gifts with name we have mentioned are great for the child and also fun for the parents. But if you want to give a special gift for mothers that is also permanent, then there are other options. Children are the most special in your life, that is why many women find it fantastic and beautiful to always carry their child (s) with them.
Here you can take care of one of the beautiful ones as a dear friend / sister / niece mom jewelry to choose. These jewelry are stylish, classic or playful. You can choose from:

  • Engraved mommy bracelet with child's name.
  • Charm bracelet with name or initials.
  • Necklace with name.
  • Chain with symbols and quotes.
  • Medallion necklaces.
  • Rings with name
  • Swarovski birthstone jewelry

In addition, there are also several mommy jewelry available that are specially made for the mother of several children. What is also very nice are the mommy & child sets. These jewelry with name for mother and child are completely coordinated!
Take a look at kayasieraden.nl and you will automatically become enthusiastic!

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