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Welcome to the ZoZwanger website. On this website you can not only find all the information about getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth. You can also see all, but then also all information about your baby find. Think of the development of your baby in the stomach from week to week. These are described in our pregnancy calendar.

After your baby is born you can read in the baby calendar how your newborn baby develops in the first months. In addition, we will try to treat everything that you run into or experience as a parent. Read more about your baby in this blog.

Preparing for the birth of your baby

It is always wise to start at the beginning: making the baby. If you are very lucky it will happen in one go. Unfortunately, most of the couples have to take a little longer. A good preparation is therefore very important. Think of the calculation of ovulation.

Are you in happy expectation? In our pregnancy calendar you can read how your little one develops from a ball of cells to a real baby that can breathe, drink and cry. How are the preparations for the birth of your baby? That can sometimes be very disappointing. But do not be sad! Since we provide you with all the information about your baby, we also help with the preparations. So you know thanks to our baby uitzetlijst what you have to have in house for the arrival of your child. We also have tips for the baby room and best baby monitor and you know everything about rompers and the right baby sizes within 10 minutes.

All information about your newborn baby

It is always useful to make preparations, but you can almost never fully prepare for the arrival of your baby. Whether it is the first or third: it is always different than you expect. In our baby calendar you can read how your baby develops in the first months. So you know a little bit what you can expect. Think for example of bottle feeding or breastfeeding. And if you are going to breastfeed, how can you apply properly?

Are you dealing with thrush in your baby? We will give you information so that you know what you can do to treat it. And do you know how you can safely stretch a romper with your baby and how often your baby can take a bath? You can find out all about it through our website Zo Zwanger.

Your baby and sleep

In the first months your baby will mainly sleep and eat. For that reason we have collected a lot of information about your baby's sleep rhythm. When does your baby (finally) sleep through a bit and how do you ensure that your baby sleeps safely so that you can prevent cot death as much as possible?

In addition to this very interesting information, we also give tips that will help you to ensure that your baby also sleeps well and quickly. For example, a trick to ensure that your baby sleeps within 30 seconds. Or how about giving a baby massage? A baby massage is not only good for the contact between you and your baby, it is also good for your night's sleep. And what should you do if your baby does not want to sleep? The 10 minute rule?

Your baby and food

Sleeping is the biggest hobby of your baby. In the second place is eating and being in contact with dad or mom. The first months will you feed mainly on request or will you feed on schedule? And what do you do if your baby does not want to eat? Maybe your baby suffers from reflux or sprue. Or maybe there is a food allergy. But it can also be that your baby just loves sleeping very much. How long can your baby be without food?

We know the answer! We also have tips for you, for example what to do if your baby spits 2 hours after feeding. When your baby is about 4 months you can slowly start with the exercise snacks or first snacks. Curious when you can give something? We have compiled a well-organized diet plan for you! We also have various tips about the foods such as tips to teach your baby fruit and vegetables to eat.

Curious about experiences of other pregnant women? Read our experience blog about pregnancy and childbirth

All information about baby ailments

It would of course be fantastic if your baby stays healthy and never gets sick. That will save you a lot of stress and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, every baby is sometimes sick. To help you deal with this, we have treated various baby ailments on our website. From a minor cold in your baby to sore throat, chickenpox, the fifth disease, fever, pfeiffer's disease and much more.

Why is your baby crying?

Unfortunately, in the beginning crying also belongs to the activities that your baby does most. There is not always something to do here, but what is definitely going to help is to find out why your baby is crying. To find out, it is important that you get to know your baby's body signals and baby gestures. Your baby communicates more with you than you initially think!

In between it is always important that you stimulate the language development of your baby. You might not think so, but this starts from the moment your baby is in the belly! How you can do this you can read on our website with lots of information about your baby.
Is your baby crying a lot? Maybe you have a crying baby. We help you to deal with this as well as possible. Wondering when your baby is going to talk? Read it on ZoZwanger!

With your baby on the road

The moment you have a baby, you notice that you have to think about a lot of things. For example: what do you attract your baby in cold weather? And how do you ensure that you keep your baby at temperature when it is very hot?

Do you want to vacation with your baby? What is the best way? Do you have good toys for your baby on the go? We tell you all and give you tips to protect your baby from the sun.
Not only is it completely different from now on to go on holiday. Just going out the door is also a hassle. Just read our 8 steps to leave the house with your baby. You will probably start a broader planning from now on!

Information about your baby but also toddler, toddler and toddler

Of course we will continue to give you information, even when your baby is getting bigger and older. For example, we have tips to make your baby walk or toilet.
We indicate what the average growth curve is and will give you crucial tips that indicate what you should never do as a parent of older children. Is your little angel just a little less sweet? Then read how you can deal with the tantrums of your toddler or toddler.

More information about your baby every day

Every day we post new blogs and articles with information about your baby or with information about getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth and information about older children.

In addition to these informative blogs, we also give you a glimpse into the life of our regular blogger Roos. In a hilarious, recognizable, confrontational and sometimes sensitive way she takes you into her process of getting pregnant, the pregnancy itself, giving birth and everything she runs from the moment she herself has a baby.
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