40 weeks pregnant

40 weeks pregnant, your due date is already at the end of this week! You've probably lived up to this for quite a while now! It would be very nice somewhere if you gave birth exactly on that date. Then you know where you stand. Unfortunately, that happens only in 5% of all births. It may be that you like it sooner or, in the worst case, that you have to wait another two weeks. One thing you know: your baby can take you in your arms within two weeks!

Your baby

Your baby is now as big as a pumpkin and weighs 3400 grams. So it is not strange at all if you can not wait for the delivery. But it may also be that you will find it getting scarier. Especially now that you know that your baby is as big as a pumpkin.

To facilitate the passage through the birth canal, your baby's skull consists of separate plates. These can slide slightly over each other so that the delivery can be a little smoother. In addition, your cervix will also stretch further and further. It will work for you, but the baby will always come out even if you are 40 weeks pregnant.

40 Weeks pregnant: awakening childbirth

In principle there is no proven way to induce labor. So in general it is a matter of waiting. Yet there are a few tricks that might work. Read more about how you can induce labor. But again: please do not expect miracles even if you are now 40 weeks pregnant.

Smaller stomach

Your uterus is now 40 weeks pregnant at its largest. This means that other organs have to recede and your stomach will fall. It is therefore good that you can eat less large quantities because you are quicker 'full'. Therefore always eat small bits and listen carefully to your body to prevent nausea or vomiting.

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Recognize contractions

Do you already have a good idea of ​​how real contractions feel exactly? Now that the moment is almost approaching, it is important that you know when you really get sick and when it can take a while. Read more about contractions here.

Get even more rest and try to relax

You are really heavily pregnant now. You can not be more pregnant. So really try to take your rest. This is, for example, a good moment (and good excuse) to 'binge-watch'. Do you have series that still want to see? View them all! Or read the books that you have always wanted to read now that you are 40 weeks pregnant. Instead of curse your belly, you can also choose to enjoy it for a while. Believe it or not, there are many women who miss the pregnant belly after giving birth!

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