Tips for the baby room

If you are halfway through the pregnancy, it is high time to think about the baby room. With our tips for the baby room your baby will have their own place in the house. Of course, this depends on your living situation and what you find important.

Design baby room ideas

Maybe you would like the baby to sleep in your room or not. Maybe a mess room has to be emptied first or, even more drastically, you have to move or rebuild before your baby can have a baby room.

Baby room decorating practical baby tips

If you have found a space then you have to think about the baby room layout and layout. Are you going to paint the walls, hang or stay as they are? Which curtains, furniture and floor coverings? What is more convenient, a cradle and only then a bed or a bedstead immediately? Do you buy a baby room in one unit or are you looking for some furniture yourself or are you going to give your second-hand furniture a new look? And the cradle that you yourself are still in, is it used or is it really not useful?

Choices where you have to take your time, but with our tips for the baby room we help you on your way. You also have the time if you are just pregnant. You do not have to have the baby room until you have been pregnant for more than 30 weeks.

Tips for the baby room

  • If you do not know the sex of the baby, choose a color that you can combine well with. So you can easily place blue or pink accessories in a sand-colored room, making it a real girls 'or boys' room.
  • If you want to find a complete baby room you have to take into account that there is often 10 weeks delivery time. So be quick.
  • You can buy a lot of stuff, but what do you really need for your baby? A crib or crib, a chest of drawers, and a chair if you are going to feed. You often tend to buy too much and too expensive stuff.
  • A few empty photo frames on the wall in bright colors are very useful. Consider, for example, the birth announcement that you can put in or the first few photos.
  • A wall sticker is also very nice!
  • On the floor you can best choose a smooth surface such as laminate, vinyl or a linoleum floor. This is better to keep clean and keeps much less mite, which reduces the risks of respiratory problems.
  • Make sure the baby room is well dark. This can be done by hanging curtains or by hanging a roller blind behind the curtains. In the beginning it is not so important because very small babies do sleep, but if your child ages a little, from a month or 4, then the world is very interesting if it is light enough to look around.
  • Make sure you can ventilate the room well. Ventilation is very important because fresh air is much healthier.

Creative ideas baby room

Do you want your baby to sleep in a different way? Then read the message about sleeping outside.
On Pinterest you can find a lot of creative ideas for decorating a baby room, sometimes you just want something else and then you can certainly get inspiration on this social medium.

Baby room ideas neutral

When you are bothered by a crying baby, it is wise to check that you have not used too many nursery accessories and busy colors and that your baby is over-stimulated.
A neutral room is also useful when the desire is to have multiple children, this way the baby room can be used again fine regardless of the gender of your children.

Do you own tips for the baby room who are not here yet? Put them below in the comments and then we place them in this article. You help other women who are just pregnant.

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