Book: Help I made my wife pregnant

A book for men about pregnancy. There are some, but most are probably not as fascinating as: "Help I made my wife pregnant! "By Kluun.

Nice gift for your husband or boyfriend?

Is this a book for your partner? Perhaps you have read the refreshing books by Daphne Deckers yourself. In her books she is not romanticizing the pregnancy and the delivery. No, she writes down-to-earth and with a good sense of humor about these special events in her life. Many women recognize themselves in these stories and the visual examples that Daphne names.

Kluun the writer of the book: Help I have made my wife pregnant, adds a little extra and writes a nice and sober book for men.

A small taste of the content

Some questions answered by Kluun, or where he tries to answer them are:

  • Everything you never wanted to know about pregnancy and babies.
  • How do you recognize a contraction when you encounter one?
  • What is the use of access, Daphne Deckers and a tang delivery?
  • What about the sex?

As you can see, it is a book for men! With the necessary humor, but secretly there is quite some useful information in the book. Kluun is going to try to give the readers an answer to all these questions.

Men tips for pregnancy and childbirth

Men can also receive tips to chat with their wives without too much knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth. By just knowing those terms and spreading a lot of hazy information around it that it looks like they have really studied the subject matter.

Moreover, many terms are really explained, which women gather through websites, books and magazines themselves. And so the men can now learn to summarize in a few pages. Then they might know better what the midwife is talking about. And they do not have to pretend with a vague facial expression that they have any idea what it is about.

Gift idea for the man who still has to learn:
"Help I made my wife pregnant"

So if you are looking for a nice gift for your partner or friend, then the book: Help I have made my wife pregnant! highly recommended. And the costs? Only € 10 and you have a nice gift for him.

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