1 week pregnant

It is always indicated that a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. But actually that is not entirely true. The actual pregnancy, ie the period that the fertilized egg grows into a baby, takes 38 weeks. Those other 2 weeks are the weeks before the egg is actually fertilized.

In the first week of your pregnancy you are not really pregnant, but still this week belongs to your pregnancy because it is an important part of the entire process. This preliminary stage of being pregnant is 2 weeks. You read it correctly, in the first 2 weeks there is no fertilization. What exactly happens in your body when you 1 week pregnant you can read in this blog.

Calculate date

It is very difficult to find out exactly when the egg is fertilized. That is because with every woman ovulation takes place at a different time. That is why we always look at the first day on which you last took a period. This is the start date and 40 weeks are added. If you want to calculate when your child is born, you count from that day and then plus 40 weeks.

What happens in your body at 1 week of pregnancy?

The first week of your pregnancy starts with the first day of your last menstruation. At the moment that your period is your body prepares for a possible pregnancy. In the first 2 weeks of your menstrual cycle your body makes hormones that allow the egg to grow and mature. So that is what happens in the first week: your eggs ripen. Ovulation occurs in the second week.

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You can continue to swallow folic acid until you are 10 weeks pregnant.

Do you already take folic acid?

Before you are 1 week pregnant it is already good to start taking folic acid. The best time to start with this is from the moment you try to become pregnant. Folic acid reduces the risk of a cleft lip, open back and open palate.

Do you want to know how your baby is developing? Then follow the growth of your baby week by week in our pregnancy calendar.

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