When fertile after stopping contraception?

When you first start your period, you know that you are fertile. During your adolescence, you do everything to prevent unwanted pregnancy. You swallow the pill, free yourself with a condom, you have a NUVARING or you decide to take an IUD. By the time you want to start children, you go stop contraception. The question is then, when are you fertile after stopping contraception? This differs per contraceptive.
Read more information about the moment that you are fertile again after stopping contraception.

Stop the pill

The pill is one of the most commonly used contraceptives. By means of hormones the pill ensures that you do not ovulate. And without ovulation it is impossible to conceive. If you want to become pregnant you can basically at any time stop the pilleven if you're still in the middle of your comic.

However, doctors advise to stop taking the pill after you have finished the strip. After this you have to wait until your menstruation has started again. In this way you give your body the chance to bring the hormone level back into balance. When you have your period again, this means that you have had ovulation again. In this way you can also gain insight into your menstrual cycle and thus calculate your ovulation.

Average time to become pregnant after the pill

If you stop the pill you are not immediately fertile because you still have hormones in your body that suppress ovulation. When you are fertile after stopping the pill, each woman differs. Some women are fertile after 1 to 2 weeks and others have to wait a few weeks to months. On average, women have ovulation again after 2 to 4 weeks and are therefore fertile and can become pregnant after stopping the pill.

When fertile after stopping the NUVARING

The NUVARING is a ring that you insert through the vagina. The active hormones (estrogens and progestogens) ensure that ovulation is suppressed. The NUVARING is similar to the pill, only you only need to enter it once a month.

Just as with the pill, the moment that the natural menstrual cycle and thus the ovulation starts again can be different. On average this is between 2 and 4 weeks, but it can also take 3 months.

Fertile after removal

Nowadays more and more women are making a spiral to prevent them from becoming pregnant. An IUD has almost no influence on your cycle. If you have an IUD, you still have ovulation, but because the IUD prevents sperm from coming to your egg you do not become pregnant.

After removing the spiral you are immediately fertile and your cycle continues!

Are you going to stop contraception? Stop unhealthy habits!

Stopping contraception means that you are going to try to get pregnant. This is a good time to also stop other unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Try to eat healthy and varied foods such as vegetables, at least 2 pieces of fruit, unsaturated fat (such as oily fish) and whole grains. It is also good to start taking extra folic acid. Folic acid prevents birth defects such as an open back and hare lip.

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