When will your baby sleep through?

Many young parents are concerned about how heavy the broken nights are when your child is born. The baby does not have a day and night rhythm yet, so he does not stick to the times that you are used to. Every few hours your baby is hungry and he wakes up at night. Soon the question of parents is: when my baby goes to sleep?

What is sleeping through?

What exactly is meant by sleeping through? The point is that your baby will sleep through in one go from the late food to the early morning the next day before he wakes up again. This will be about midnight to 6 o'clock in the morning.
Thus, sleeplessness has little to do with when you and your partner can enjoy a complete night's sleep.

How long can a baby sleep without food?

When does a baby go to sleep?

The sleep rhythm varies greatly per baby. Every child is different, so one will sleep through much faster than the other. Most babies sleep through from the last feeding to the morning food for about three months before they wake up. If your baby is about 9 months old, your child can go to sleep from 7 in the morning to 7 in the morning.

This is a wonderful moment for the parents: not only can you sleep for eight hours, you even have an evening together!

Baby sleep through tips

Although your baby has its own rhythm, you can help contribute to it learn to sleep through. Below are some baby sleep-through tips that can help:

  • Provide peace and regularity. This makes life more predictable for the baby and will teach a day and night rhythm.
  • Try to teach your child that there is a difference between day and night. Leave the curtains open during sleep during the day and do not make too much light in the evening or at night.
  • If your baby moves a lot during sleep, then it can help if you have your baby in one sleeping bag let sleep. This ensures more peace.
  • A step further than a sleeping bag involves swaddling the baby. You grab the baby tight so he can not wake himself with his own arms. Consultation before you go swaddling always first with a consultation office.
  • If a baby is at least 4 months old, you can add rice flour in the late diet. This makes him less hungry and will therefore not wake up as quickly.
  • Do not try to keep your baby awake during the day so that he can sleep better at night. He needs his rest and only gets tired of it and besides, all these extra stimuli make it difficult for him to sleep in and sleep through at night.
  • Not only do you love a relaxing massage, it can also be very relaxing for a baby. You can gently massage it with special oil suitable for babies. Sleeping in goes faster and your baby may sleep through.
  • Take good care of yourself and take a rest where you can. For example, do an afternoon nap during the day. If you feel a bit better rested, then you can better weather the world. And if you are calmer, then your child will probably become calmer as well.

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